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10 Things That Happen At Camp Throwback

Camp Throwback is the original adult summer camp. We took the kitschy summer camps our middle class parents sent us away to each June, and recreated it for you, only way awesomer. Archery, arts & crafts, sloppy joes, waterfront, campfires, s’mores, field day, all these things are happening, plus booze. It’s like The Parent Trap meets Wet Hot American Summer.

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You realize that you've overpacked.

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Does a girl really need 6 pair of shoes for 4 days in the woods? The answer is yes.

You get to meet your friends that live in the internet.

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Seriously, so exciting.

You eat foods you haven't seen since the 90's.

NBC / Via

Tater tots, where have you been for the last 20 years?

You bond with your cabinmates.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Yeah, it'll take a few days to remember their names, but they forgive you.

Everything gets Instagrammed.

E! / Via

Sponsors get lots of social media love sent their way.

You get to unleash your inner Katniss.

Lionsgate / Via

What other chance will you have to try your hand at archery as an adult?

You'll get a little too invested in Drunk Field Day.

20th Century Fox / Via

Your cabin REALLY wants to win that trophy.

You'll dance like nobody's watching.

Rockstream Studios / Via

Because you give exactly zero fucks about who sees your sweet moves.

You'll spend forever finding the perfect outfit for 90's night.

Paramount / Via

This is one reason for the 6 pairs of shoes.

At the end of the weekend, you'll have to go back to real life.

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Work and mortgages and 401Ks are such a drag.

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