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    • rachels46021009a

      Oh, my gosh people… Why get irritated by the things they didn’t list? Add your own to the comments and feel good about the ones the got right. Having lived in Maine I know these to be true: Camera for Moose, hiking, (although I don’t use hiking boots - shoes, yes), 4 wheel drive, friends with a boat and kayak, snow shovel, cribbage board (my Husband’s Uncle’s board) and a REALLY good sweatshirt (I don’t think they meant it had to say Cape Cod) How many of us have a well-worn sweatshirt that probably hasn’t hit the wash in a few days and is put on and stretched over the knees… I am in Texas and still have my favorite sweatshirt that was used many times to drag trees, cut the tree, split the wood, stack the wood, etc… This article brought a smile to my face because much of it was true for me! Thank you LL Bean and I love my bean boots which are quintessential for a Mainer!

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