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The Best Things About G Phi Joe

*dresses in camo & puts eye black under eyes*

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University of South Carolina's Gamma Phi Beta hosted their first G Phi Joe Philanthropy event on Nov 7 and it.was.a.blast.

Rachel Scola

Just look at the graphics, how they perfectly capture the essence of strength and grace.

Teams & Individuals competed in 4 separate relays in order to be crowned the winner

Jo Jo Winklemann / Via Instagram: @jo_jo_winks

Can you name anything better than men and women coming together to help build strong girls?

Everyone had a blast, but certain aspects obviously stood out, like:

4. Hungry? NO PROBLEM. Pawley's Food Truck was serving up smiles- but mostly burgers

and a percent of proceeds went to Girls on the Run! It makes burgers taste THAT much more delicious.

(*not sponsored by Pepsi. But look at that product placement. Willing to negotiate a deal next year attn @Pepsi)

7. Oh and we didn't even begin to mention the crab walk-

Balance a cup of water on your rock hard abs while crab walking in the mud? hilarious, yet incredible. also, someone did this in jeans. JEANS.

All the money made for the event goes towards Girls on the Run Columbia,

an after school program for elementary school girls that has coaches (like a couple Gamma Phi's) meet with the girls weekly to help promote healthy lifestyles, relationships, and self-esteem. They also prepare them for a Girls on the Run 5k at the end of the year!

If you missed out on all the fun, don't worry:

Gamma Phi Beta is hoping to make this an annual event for the University of South Carolina campus.

In the mean time, you can still donate to Girls on the Run Columbia here.

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