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5 Things That Happen When You Learn A New Language

Oi, o meu nome é Rachel. Eu sou de Hawaii, mas eu moro em Las Vegas. Eu atendo a Universidade de Nevada, Las Vegas, e estou um estudante de tecnologia de teatro. Também, eu sou aprendendo Português!

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1. You'll start having conversations in your head


Once I became more fluid in Portuguese, I would have constantly have conversations in my head. It could anything from introducing myself, to talking about what I like to eat. Talking in my head has given me more confidence to actually talk out loud to someone without messing up. I would talk to my boyfriend in Portuguese sometimes, and he understands because it is very similar to Spanish.

2. You'll start understanding another language


As I mentioned before, Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, so Portuguese has actually helped me understand Spanish. The sentence structure is the same, and a lot of the words are the same. Although, one thing that is the most different would probably be the pronunciation. For example, the word 'forte', meaning 'strong', is pronounced as 'for-teh' in Spanish, but in Portuguese, it's 'for-chee'.

3. You'll learn about the culture


A resource that helped me learn Portuguese, was Youtube. I would search videos of native speakers from either Brazil or Portugal (even though these countries also have different pronunciations), so I know exactly how it's suppose to sound, as well as practicing my listening. Along with that, I would learn about the people, the music, and my favorite, the food!

4. You'll want to visit the country


Ever since I learned Portuguese, one of the things on my bucket list is to visit Portugal. Not only do I want to visit Portugal to use the language I learned, but also to visit my country of origin. I am the 4th generation of Portuguese in the United States, and I would like to visit the Azores (Islands off of Portugal), where my family is from. I would also like to visit Brazil too because I want to see their beautiful beaches, and Christ the Redeemer.

5. You'll feel more educated

As funny as this sounds, learning a new language has made me brag a little bit. I feel that I'm obligated to learn another language because the U.S. is such a diverse country. I've always found it fascinating that someone can speak more than one language. And although I wouldn't considered myself bilingual (yet), I am proud that I can generally understand another form of communication.

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