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5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best

Fall = love

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1. The weather is the perfect temperature


As fall approaches, the temperature obviously starts to go down. What feels like, to me, 6 months of summer, is finally over! In my opinion, this is the perfect weather because the sun is out, but it's in the 70s range. It's like air conditioning, but outside! You can actually start pulling out your jeans and/or jackets! I love the feeling of bundling up, but only to a certain extent: fall > winter.

2. The colors are beautiful


Because I'm from Hawaii, I've never experience actual seasons, like fall. Since I've moved to the mainland, I've felt and seen fall in person, and it's absolutely beautiful. The leafs change colors and fall, blanketing the ground in a nice orange shade. Love it.

3. It is time to bust out the halloween movies


I love this time of the year because I love watching halloween movies. The best halloween movies, I think, are from the Disney channel. They include Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus, and my all time favorite, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It gets me in the fall mood.

4. Thanksgiving!


First off, who doesn't love Thanksgiving? You can stuff the crap out of your face and no one will judge you. I usually have three helping of food during Thanksgiving. Also, every type of Thanksgiving dish is so good, that I can't decide which is my favorite. Besides the food, you get to spend time with family, which is always fun. But when I moved, I've always spent Thanksgiving at my boyfriend's house, which is also really fun as well. I can eat like a pig in front of him and his family, and feel perfectly comfortable about it.

5. Percursor to Christmas


We are finally in the holiday season, which means that Christmas is coming! Although I don't care about the temperature during winter, Christmas is my favorite holiday. It is also a time to spend with family, eat delicious food, give and receive presents, watch Christmas movies, and most importantly, celebrate Christ (if you believe in Christ).

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