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    26 Ridiculous Sex-Ed Fails

    "In my high-school health class they taught us that women pee through the clitoris."

    New York high school students learn in sex ed that the definition of "vagina" is "sperm depository" and that gay people don't exist according to a new study [PDF] by the New York Civil Liberties Union. The students also learn that if you have sex you WILL get an STD. The NYCLU report came out this month, but months before all this a Reddit user outed her New York school — saying the same thing. Here is that original Reddit post and 25 other examples of sex ed fails.

    1. "What are the two uses of the vagina?"

    2. The clitoris is for peeing.

    3. "Use the pull-out method."

    4. Lessons from prostitutes.

    5. Masturbation is for men only.

    6. Teachers still try to teach kids not to have premarital sex with this candy method.

    7. Don't learn how to use condoms.

    8. Too little too late.

    9. On STDs and bisexual people.

    10. Sex spurs facial hair growth.

    11. What's a blow job?

    12. "Sometimes girls get raped... because they are just asking for it."

    13. How to remove a tampon.

    14. "I was sitting there feeling like the biggest freak in the world."

    15. Pregnancy is possible through oral sex.

    16. "Eurethra's Castle."


    18. Use real students for anatomy lessons.

    19. No sex ed without parental consent.

    20. When do women reach orgasm?

    21. Another argument against promiscuity.

    22. "This giant diaper pad."

    23. Is oral sex on a woman or man more intimate?

    24. What causes AIDS?

    25. Detention.

    26. "I think I left knowing even less."