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  • Weird And Wonderful Ornaments

    Does your tree need a little Je ne sais quoi this holiday season? Tired of boring old stars, snowmen and angels? These handmade ornaments will save you from decorating ennui, and your friends will beg you to tell them where you got them.

  • Handmade Octopus Gift List

    Does anyone love octopus as much as I do? They’re smart, tasty, and rule the depths of the ocean. This holiday season, give the gift of octopus.

  • Narwhals To Brighten Your Day

    Summer heat got you down? Need a little pick me up? Nothing brightens your day like a little narwhal. Try adding narwhals to your outfit or home decor. It’s sure to improve your mood and your outlook on life.

  • Happy Flag Day!

    Happy Flag Day everyone! Every June 14th in the USA we celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of our beloved stars and stripes. Check out these great accessories to celebrate the holiday. BONUS! You can wear them again in 2 weeks for the 4th!

  • Gifts For Cool Moms

    Don’t get Mom some boring flowers for Mothers’ day. This year, surprise her with one of these one of a kind gifts!

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