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How To Reverse Dental Fluorosis And Protect Teeth In Children And Adults?

Dental fluorosis, also called tooth enamel discoloration or staining, is a condition in which tooth enamel does not develop properly due to an excess of fluoride consumption. This can lead to porous and stained teeth with white spots. In severe cases you may notice brown spots, stings or even holes in the enamel.

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This condition can occur at any age but children are more susceptible than adults as they are in the process of development. The appearance of dental fluorosis is very bad news, since the bones of the body may be affected without realizing it, if we do not stop fluoride poisoning this can lead to even more serious conditions such as osteoporosis.

The main cause is water contaminated with fluoride. In certain countries (such as the United States) fluoride is added to water which may be a contributing factor in the development of this condition. Add to this the use of fluoride by dentists, their presence in toothpaste, food, supplements, medications, etc. And you have the perfect situation to not only end up with stained and eaten teeth, but also, suffer from hypothyroidism, obesity and depression, which are symptoms caused by an excess of fluoride in the body.

Reversing dental fluorosis with nutrients (Vitamin D, C and Calcium)

The good news is that fluorosis can be reversed naturally using certain nutrients. The toxic effects of fluorosis take three different forms: clinical, skeletal and dental depending on what part of the body it affects, its severity or other factors.

The combination of vitamin D3, vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid) and calcium are effective in combating all types of fluorosis. This is not surprising for many, as it is well known that calcium and vitamin D support and maintain bone health (teeth are part of the bone system) while vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and protective immune system .

In a study of 25 children aged 6-12 years from an area where drinking water contains 4.5 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride, they were graded according to severity and type of fluorosis and related biochemical parameters.

Follow-up studies showed that the combination of vitamin C, D3 and calcium proved to be very effective in reversing this condition and improving all the biochemical parameters analyzed.

A natural and low cost solution

So if you suspect that you are at risk of suffering with this condition you can go to these nutrients without problem. This is a fairly safe and very low cost solution.

Iodine consumption can help improve this condition, as iodine and fluoride fight for some of the same receptors in the body. By consuming iodine helps the body to naturally and safely eliminate excess fluoride.

To this small and simple protocol you can take another advantage. If this combination of nutrients is effective in reversing an advanced condition such as fluorosis, it certainly can serve as prevention or method to strengthen the teeth. To prevent, add these nutrients to your daily routine and your teeth will be better protected.

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