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    10 Criminally Underrated K-Pop Songs I Need You To Listen To, Like, Yesterday

    Sleep on beds, not these bops.

    1. "Show" by CLC

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    I will never let CUBE get away with sabotaging CLC. Their discography is a work of art. Yeeun is one of the best rappers in all of Kpop and CUBE can choke on their loss.

    2. "Up to You" by PRETTYMUCH Feat NCT Dream

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    The best western artist and Kpop collab and y'all really let this slip through the cracks. It's a song about consent! War of Hormone is quaking.

    3. "Get It" by Pristin V

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    Another perfect girl group ruined by a horrible company. As a CARAT and a justice seeker for Pristin, f PLEDIS. This song was ahead of its time and some of you need to wake up and start streaming this masterpiece. This was the time of tasteful girl crush concepts and I miss it.

    4. "What You Wanted" by CIX

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    I'm sorry but CIX had one of the best debuts of all time and managed to also have this bop as a bside???? (side note: I will never not read their name in my head as 6)

    5. "Journey to Atlantis" by LABOUM

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    Yes, this was in my top 5 most streamed songs of 2021. Enough said.

    6. "Rodeo Station" by Exo-SC

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    I will admit, even as a long time EXO-L, I myself slept on EXO SC. I am embarrassed and ashamed. This song is a bside on their 1 Billion Views albums and it has honestly become one of my favorite albums of all time. I understand that they get a lot of flack for being Idol Rappers, not Rappers that happen to be Idols (you all know what I mean), but their music is actually immaculate.

    7. "Love So Sweet" by Cherry Bullet

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    this is peak kpop.

    8. "BLOOM BLOOM" by The Boyz

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    I am convinced that this is what serotonin sounds like.

    9. "Chica" by Chungha

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    she said gaslight gatekeep chicaboss

    10. And "I Need Somebody" by Day6

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    It's giving "Why yes, I have experienced depression. How could you tell?" and I'm not mad about it.

    Drop some underrated K-Pop songs that you're obsessed with in the comments!