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7 Most Iconic Movie Scenes Of All Time

Where my cinematographs at?

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1. Mission: Impossible- Vault heist

So we all know that Mission: Impossible is one of the best action franchises of all time and I think this scene is the face of that franchise. By shooting the scene almost excruciatingly slowly and including every image, every acrobatic move the makers of this film had its audience on the edge of their seat no matter how many times they've seen it. Since Tom Cruise demanded to do all his own stunts, I think it's safe to say the cast and crew were too.

2. Psycho- Shower scene

With 77 different camera angles, it would be insane not to inlude this iconic scene in this list. Although less than 3 minutes long in the film, it took roughly 7 days to film. Hitchcock was told that by the studio that no way would they fund a film with this kind of gore so he funded it himself (with only 1/5 of the profits he made from "North by Northwest"). The studio probably wished they had done otherwise when the film made an excess of 32 million dollars (over 39 times the original budget!)

3. Toy Story 3 - Andy leaving his toys

I know, I know everyone's gonna be all "What about the furnace scene???" And yeah I gotta agree that was sad but it didn't hit the emotion that Woody's last line did. After that "So long, partner", it's all over: his childhood, my childhood, what I had thought (and hoped) was the toy story franchise. It's such a simple and relatable way to get emotion from your audience because everyone has given away or lost a toy at one time or another. Personally I can't get through this scene without crying hysterically and I judge those who can. I suppose they could just be well-adjusted adults aware of the fact that toys are inanimate objects incapable of feeling love or loyalty, but whatever.

4. 12 Angry Men- Turn their backs on prejudice

This is how you should deal with prejudice. No sense in trying to fight fire with fire or try make your voice just as loud or any other clichéd phrase you can think of. Just ignore it and it loses all power. This film was waaaay ahead of its time in the opinion of this pretend movie critic.

5. A Clockwork Orange- Intro

To be honest, I didn't enjoy this film too much. I know, I know I'm that hipster that has to hate on the popular film but I just never got it. Despite all this, I have to admit that the intro scene perfectly depicts exactly what you're in for for the nest couple of hours. The chilling music immediately portrays what the main character, Alex, is like; intense, mysterious and aggressive. This scene shocks you into watching until the film is over and you wonder what did you just sit through.

6. Kingsman- Church fight

This was probably the most insane, excessive, incredibly well done fight scenes I've ever scene, at least in a church anyway. On the whole I thought the movie was kind of mediocre due to all the tired clichés that were probably thrown in on purpose but pissed me off all the same. This scene, for me at least, made the film memorable. When I see fight scenes in movies now I automatically compare it to this one and I think that should be what filmmakers should strive to do.

7. Jurassic Park -Raptors in the kitchen

Ok, so this was probably the most nail-biting moment of my childhood. To this day I can't get through this scene without sweating. From the kid's terrified whispers to the shot of the raptors feet walking inches away from them makes this scene seriously chilling. The eerily quiet music highlights how tense the kids must feel, making the audience feel that way too. There's way too much detail to even get into but trust me, it's awesome. The kind of awesome that only happens when you're literally in awe of something. Not the type that you say to your friend when the pizza arrives.

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