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    • rachellelynnm2

      Melissa, the dog looks like a hyena because it is supposed to look like a hyena. Leopards and cheetahs do not have a mane or long hair on the tail. I’m sure the groomer that did that job would be glad you thought that ;) and I would also like to say, as a groomer myself, it takes a few hours to do most grooms without any color at all, ( and if loved by their owner should be done at least by-monthly to prevent health problems such as ear infections and over grown toe nails) so most dogs are very accustomed to sitting still to be groomed and actually enjoy it. Whereas ignorant neglectful owners that only get their dog groomed when they are matted, and beyond being brushed out and must be shaved are the owners who should be ashamed of themselves. Their dogs are the ones who are fearful and hate any sort of grooming because they have not been properly socialized. Until you have seen a dog go thru the grooming process, you have no right to judge groomers for this creativity. No dogs have been harmed or neglected for it and that is more than I can say for many, many dogs that I have seen at my shop. Neglected bytheir owners, who did not brush them at home, get them groomed often enough, or get them much needed vet care. I have seen mat scarring, maggot infested wounds, ear infections that last for years and years without proper treatment, toenails so long that they curl all the way under the foot and grow into the dogs foot half an inch into festering swollen wounds, I even once had a dog so matted that the tail was dead due to lack of blood supply and had to be amputated. So think twice before you call THIS inhumane! These dogs have every thing they could ever want or need!

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