Who Will Be Your Favorite Member Of Little Mix?

Also known as: the girl group you should be listening to, but probably aren’t. We’re totally getting 90s girl group vibes from them.

Little Mix won the eighth series of The X Factor in the UK. Much like One Direction, the girls all auditioned separately but were formed into a group by the judges. They’ve even been referred to as the next Spice Girls.

From left to right: Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson

In addition to being talented, they are also funny and adorable.

5. So which Little Mix girl is going to be your favorite?

6. Maybe Perrie Edwards?

Perrie is the youngest girl in Little Mix at 19 and is from South Shields in England.

7. She dates Zayn Malik from One Direction.

8. She likes to dye her hair fun colors.

9. She loves Enrique Iglesias.

10. Her Little Mix Symbol is a flower.

Perrie: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com

11. Perhaps Jade Thirwall?

Jade is 20 and from the same place as Perrie, South Shields.

12. She auditioned with the song “I Want to Hold Your Hand” for “X Factor.”

13. Her favorite girl group (other than Little Mix, of course) is Destiny’s Child.

Getty Images

14. She lives with bandmate Perrie Edwards.

15. Her Little Mix Symbol is a bow tie.

Jade: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com

16. Or maybe you’re more of a Leigh-Anne Pinnock kinda person.

Leigh-Anne is 21 and is from Buckinghamshire, England.

18. She thinks Steve Wilkos from “The Jerry Springer Show” is hot.

19. She auditioned for “X Factor” with Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World.”

20. Her Little Mix Symbol is a baseball cap.

Leigh-Anne: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com

21. Or could your favorite be Jesy Nelson?

Jesy is 21 and from Romford, London.

22. She’s the single lady of the group

Getty Images

23. She keeps her hair in a shoebox.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

24. She has her own accent to keep annoying guys in nightclubs away.

25. Her Little Mix Symbol is a boombox.

Jesy: Getty Images Symbol: little-mix.com

26. This is their extremely catchy new song “How Ya Doin’” that features Missy Elliot:

27. So go download some Little Mix and get your solo dance party on!

28. Oh, and good luck picking your favorite, because they’re all adorable!

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