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    12 "Veronica Mars" Set Pictures That Will Get You Pumped For The Movie

    Get your over-the-moon face ready.

    1. Veronica and Piz investigating.


    2. Veronica with her, "I'd rather be spelunking" face on.


    3. Piz, Dick and Logan joining the PCHers.

    4. Madison and Wallace becoming BFFs.

    5. Neptune's hottest nightclub. Obviously for only the rich kids.

    6. Gia and Veronica being adorable frenemies.

    7. Veronica taking a hula hoop break.

    8. Logan and Veronica's chairs next to each other. OTP forever!

    9. Dick and Logan being twinsies!

    10. Veronica, Piz and Gia all in the same room! What a mix of people!

    11. Madison and Mac being all smiles.

    12. Veronica on a stakeout. Typical day in Neptune.

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