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The 23 Best Lance Bass Poses

It was Lance Bass' birthday this weekend, so here are the best poses from his NSYNC days to celebrate. You know he was your favorite, don't lie.

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1. The "Amputated Hand."

2. The "Senior Portrait."

3. The "I Don't Know Why I'm So Handsome."

4. The "Too Much Leather."

5. The "I'm So Handsome I Like To Touch My Own Face."

6. The "'90s Squat"

7. The "Jump If You're Sexy."

8. The "Lying on Glass Was a Bad Idea."

9. The "This Dolphin Is Probably Cuter Than Me."

10. The "Files Are Inside the Computer."

11. The "No Strings Attached."

12. The "I May Have Eaten a Poison Apple."

13. The "Too Cool for the Macarena."

14. The "I Thought This Was a Sears Ad."

15. The "I Don't Know What to Do with My Hands."

16. The "Look Guys, I'm a Monster."

17. The "Ain't Nobody F**cking with My Windbreaker."

18. The "Do People Still Do This?"

19. The "No, I Guess It's One Finger Point Now."

20. The "'90s Bubble Chairs Are Uncomfortable as Hell."

21. The "I Honestly Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing."

22. The "Leaning Is Still Sexy, Right?"

23. The "I Believe I Can Fly."

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