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    Louis Tomlinson And Tom Parker Have Massive Twitter Fight

    Why can't these boys just kiss and make up? One Direction's Louis Tomlinson just can't seem to get along with anyone from The Wanted.

    Louis Tomlinson vs. Tom Parker: Who will win?

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    Tom Parker from The Wanted kicked off the Twitter war:

    Louis Tomlinson, known as the sassy one from One Direction, came back with:


    After some very mature name calling, Louis had an offer for The Wanted:

    Twitter: @Louis_Tomlinson

    Louis get's 10 points for that comeback. It was epic.

    One Direction's Liam Payne decided to join in on the fight:

    Louis decided to bring the fight to an end, like any mature boy band member would:

    But before the fight could end, The Wanted's Jay McGuiness had some thoughts to share:

    But Louis was not having it:

    Tom has since deleted his tweets.

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