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16 Realizations All College Students Have At The End Of Every Semester

Holy S***!!!

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1. I'm that much closer to being a "real person"

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2. I spent my whole allowance on pizza

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3. Probably should've started going to that lecture months ago

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4. Apparently there was a textbook for this class...?

unfortunatelylovely / Via

5. I should probably figure out what internships I'm applying for this summer

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6. Definitely should've started to study for my finals weeks ago

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7. Oh, and about that 12 page paper I didn't start yet...

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8. I need to learn all of this information by tomorrow...YIKES

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9. If I want pass this class, I need at least an A on the next three assignments

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10. I really need to get my shit together

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11. I'd have such a great GPA if I tried harder

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12. Probably should've skipped that party last weekend to study

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13. I don't have any plans for my future

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14. I should've taken my parents' advice years ago

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15. College is hard, man...

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16. ...And is going by way too fast

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