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    Turn Your Backyard Into A Hummingbird Hangout With These Colorful Hummingbird Feeders

    My rainbow feeder brings all the hummingbirds to the yard.



    Empty water or soda bottle with cap (preferably short or mini-sized)

    Decorative/washi tape (include a good mix of red and orange colours to best attract the birds)

    Shallow take out container with lid (cleaned and washed)

    Red ribbon

    Key chain hook or ring, S-hook or carabiner


    Mini cardboard or twine basket (optional)


    1 part sugar

    4 parts water

    ** Boil water to ensure sugar dissolves properly. It will also help prevent mold growth. DO NOT add any food dyes in the solution as this toxic to the birds.


    Hot glue gun


    1. Punch two holes into cap of the bottle to allow hummingbird solution to slowly drip and replenish the tub

    2. Measure the bottle mouth in the center of the tub lid and cut out a hole with the utility knife. Best to start small and adjust as necessary to ensure a tight fit.

    3. Punch 2-4 holes in the tub lid for the birds to drink from. A regular hole punch width is sufficient. Make sure they’re not too close to the center hole so that the birds can reach without the bottle getting in the way.

    4. Decorate the bottle as you like with the tape. A range of bright colours is fine, as long as there is a good read of red and orange colours to best attract the birds.

    5. Thread the red ribbon through the key chain hook or ring.

    6. Leave the last section of bottle clear of tape, and apply a strip of hot glue along one side.

    7. Place the red ribbon over the glue, and press down to seal. The key chain hook should be in the center of the bottom of the bottle, which will be used to hang the bottle upside down. Glue the remaining length of the ribbon to the bottle.

    8. While waiting for the glue to dry, make the hummingbird sugar water as noted above. Wait for it to also cool down before pouring.

    9. First pour some of the sugar water into the take out container. Fill to about ¼ inch / 0.5 cm to brim if possible.

    10. Pour remaining sugar water into the bottle. While bottle is upright, poke the mouth of the bottle through the tub lid and fasten with the bottle cap on the other side of the lid.

    11. Turn upside down quickly to attach lid and bottle to the bottom of the take out tub.

    12. Hang the feeder outside and watch the hummingbirds roll in!

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