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These DIY Vanity Mirror Lights Are A Game Changer For Your Morning Routine

When it comes to looking your best, don't stay in the dark.

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Light strip

Light bulbs

Extension cord


Screw driver




Wire cutters


1. Uncap light strips to remove the backplate from the front plate of the strip. This will expose the supply wiring from the outlet box.

2. Splice extension cord and strip installation to connect it to the light strip wires.

3. Twist the smooth wire from extension cord with the black wire from light strip.

4. Twist ribbed wire from extension cord with the white wire from light strip.

5. Put orange cones on both wires to protect from any hazards.

6. Mount the backplate to the wall using two screws.

7. Place front plate back on and then attach light bulbs to the strip.

8. Plug into wall using extension cord.