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Fifteen Characters That Will Make You Reconsider Reproducing

There is always a chance that they will be satan reincarnated or a serial killer.

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10. Cole (The Sixth Sense)

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What would you do if you were tucking your offspring into bed and he whispered to you, “I see dead people.” I mean I would probably run out of the house and never go back. Good luck, kid.

12. Dudley (Harry Potter)

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He hated* Harry Potter and I wouldn't be able to love my child if he hated Harry Potter.

(*I know he grew to respect Harry, but those first few years... RUDE.)

14. Shane (Weeds)

Showtime / Via

Okay, so he might actually be a pretty bad ass son to have, but thinking about having a kid like this and not being a wild, drug dealing mother and trying to function in society is too much.

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