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Fifteen Characters That Will Make You Reconsider Reproducing

There is always a chance that they will be satan reincarnated or a serial killer.

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6. Danny (The Shining)

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If there is any possibility that my child will write REDRUM on the mirror or communicate through his weird little finger, I'm getting my tubes tied.

10. Cole (The Sixth Sense)

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

What would you do if you were tucking your offspring into bed and he whispered to you, “I see dead people.” I mean I would probably run out of the house and never go back. Good luck, kid.

12. Dudley (Harry Potter)

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He hated* Harry Potter and I wouldn't be able to love my child if he hated Harry Potter.

(*I know he grew to respect Harry, but those first few years... RUDE.)

14. Shane (Weeds)

Showtime / Via

Okay, so he might actually be a pretty bad ass son to have, but thinking about having a kid like this and not being a wild, drug dealing mother and trying to function in society is too much.

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