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    27 Things Guaranteed To Happen Every Match Day In Cardiff

    Inflatable daffodils and singing. Everywhere.

    1. Firstly, match day is a huge deal in Cardiff.

    20th Television

    People plan their whole week around it, even if they’re not interested in sports. No-one wants to contend with match day traffic on their way to buy groceries.

    2. Every spare bit of space has a coach parked on it.

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    All the visitor coaches have to go somewhere, but Cardiff is pretty compact so they’re just parked wherever they fit (like helpfully in the middle of bus lanes).

    3. People in Wales are pretty chipper anyway, but on match day there’s definitely a sense of camaraderie in the air.

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    4. Getting public transport is like attempting The Crystal Maze.

    Cardiff Central Station prepares for the influx of visitors by shoving barriers all over the place while buses are forced to divert around the city into one big unhelpful circle.

    5. There’s always a group of baffled tourists desperately fighting against the crowds like salmon swimming upstream.

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    6. It's the perfect opportunity for people to show off their collection of novelty apparel.

    Adrian Dennis / Getty Images

    If they’re not wearing their team colours then they’re dressed up as a daffodil, and if there’s a stag do in town they’ve probably made the groom wear an England flag, for the bants.

    7. But everyone will wear "smart" shoes, just in case clubbing is on the cards after the match.

    8. Every drinking establishment will suddenly have a toilet attendant.

    9. People will queue for ages to get a wobbly-looking dragon painted on their faces.

    Matthieu Alexandre / Getty Images

    10. The city is suddenly overrun with merch vendors.

    Flickr: welshicons / Creative Commons

    The enigmatic merchandise vendor appears only on match days, taking up loads of space with their carts and selling their wares at eye-watering prices which people happily pay because match day!

    11. You’ll probably trip over an inflatable sheep.

    12. You’ll probably knee a child in the face, because small children + big crowds = an accident waiting to happen.

    13. Everything is a queue.

    United Artists

    Queue to get on to the street. Queue to get inside the pub. Queue to get served at the bar. Queue for the queue.

    14. Glasses are replaced by plastic cups.

    Flickr: bellemarematt / Creative Commons

    A city-wide ban on glass during match day means everyone drinks their beer (and wine, and cocktails) out of a pint-sized plastic cup. So basically the city turns into one big student house party.

    15. Getting a seat in a pub is a military operation.

    FX / Via

    People will get up at the crack of dawn to get a good spot in front of the screens, and good luck to anyone who leaves their seat unattended for even a second.

    16. There are bouncers EVERYWHERE.

    17. You can tell the time by how drunk people are.

    Flickr: laurablume / creative Commons

    An early afternoon kick-off means someone will definitely be lying on the pavement by teatime.

    18. Booming roars erupt from nowhere.

    Rolling Stone / Via

    You’re never far away from the Principality Stadium, so when a sports thing happens you don’t need to be in front of a TV to know about it.

    19. Good luck if musicals aren’t your bag, because there’s singing. Everywhere. All the time.

    Frederator Studios / Via

    20. Garbage Island has nothing on Cardiff after match day.

    Flickr: kenningtonfox / Creative Commons

    21. Differences are set aside.

    22. After the match huge crowds of people spill through the city’s main exit points like a scene from a dystopian movie.


    23. The police spend most of their time being in photos, because apparently visitors don't have police where they're from.

    24. You won't be able to get a table in a restaurant, so you’ll definitely eat chips on the street.

    25. The locals stay home.


    Unless they’re going to the game or watching it in a pub, the locals know better than to try to navigate town on a match day.

    26. Because getting home is a mission.

    This was the queue for a taxi in Cardiff city centre last night #crazy #WALvENG

    After match day available taxis are like unicorns. Everyone’s heard of them but no-one’s actually seen one with their own eyes, and if you do get one it’s nothing short of a miracle.

    27. But it’s all worth the faff, because there’s nowhere else to experience a match day atmosphere quite like Cardiff.

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