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This Device Is A Game-Changer For Anyone Who Hates Flossing

It'll make flossing less of a nightmare and more of a soothing nighttime ritual.

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While the fact remains that I’d rather have self-cleaning teeth, skin, and hair, the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser has swiftly made flossing the easiest part of my bedtime process.

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I actually didn’t learn how to properly floss until I was about 15. I had previously been holding each end of a string of floss with an index finger and thumb. As I moved from tooth to tooth, the floss would get progressively spittier and slip through my fingers. Finally I confronted a dentist with the conundrum and she kindly explained to me that I needed to loop the floss around my fingers to maintain a grip. After this revelation I got excited about my flossing potential, looking forward to a squeaky-clean mouth each night. The excitement wore off three days later, when I realized that flossing is still hard — and it wound up being something I'd do only once every two weeks.

When I came across the Waterpik flosser on Amazon recently, though, I must admit my interest was piqued. If something could remove the day’s gunk from my teeth while keeping my hands sans saliva — all in record time — I was INNNNN.

And the Water Flosser did, in fact, do just that: It shoots a stream of water along the gumline and through the gap between teeth and gums, removing any excess food or plaque that a string of floss would normally target.

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It has varying degrees of pressure (I turned mine to the highest, at 10), and the whole process lasts about two minutes. It turned out to be the just the pik-me-up my regimen needed (hehe).

There are, however, some negative features that I feel obligated to address. Number one: It is loud. My housemate’s room shares a wall with the bathroom, so I try to keep my late-night water flossing to a minimum. Secondly, it takes up a little more space than I would like, especially in comparison to a case of floss. I do realize that my bathroom counter space is fit for a child rather than two grown women, so this issue may not exist for those who don’t live in a city where people sell their firstborn for a real-estate deal. BUT if you do have limited bathroom space like me, you may have to store this under the sink and take it out to use.


That said, it's an Amazon best-seller, and with almost 6,500 five-star reviews, this thing seriously has a fan base.

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"For the better half of 30 years I abused myself. I am not sure if it was out of self-loathing or another reason; I just knew that I was inflicting this pain upon myself for reasons out of my control. I would twist and slice my gums with thin, vile floss until copious amounts of blood ran down my chin into the sink. I would look in the mirror and see a weak individual with no self-control. That is when I found this Waterpik. No longer will I let myself cut my gums with razor-sharp floss. No more will I expose my gums to such abuse.

This Waterpik WP-660 repaired all of the prior damage that floss did to my gums. Every day I use this Waterpik to spoil my gums with a sort of massaging pleasure that I can only describe as therapeutic. I walk out of the bathroom like I just left the spa. The curled tube zips right back into place after use, leaving you more time to smile into the mirror and appreciate your clean gums. I recommend this product to anyone with teeth." —Jeff

"Wow, I really doubted the effectiveness of this product since I was thinking that only the dentist's tools will do an adequate job of anything. I was absolutely amazed at the strength of the water blasting away all the gunk between my teeth. I turned the knob to full blast and it dug even further for a deeper clean. Definitely fun and enjoyable. Felt like I just came from a dentist visit after I was done." —Mei Wong

"This handy little product has served me very well in keeping the dentist away. After daily use becomes a habit, your gums will be measurably healthier, and you'll have the peace of mind that there really is nothing stuck in your teeth. I would NEVER floss with traditional dental floss, but this turns one of the most terrible forms of dental hygiene ever invented into a perfectly painless experience that is just as effective." —Kyrtin Atreides

Since I’ve gotten the Water Flosser, I’ve used traditional floss here and there, to get the reeeeaaalllllly stubborn plaque out. But for my day-to-day I will certainly be choosing this baby.

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Bonus: It's available in five colors, including black, pink, blue, and teal, if you find the white option a little too snoozy for your bathroom decor.

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