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    • rachelelizabeths

      I know Leo, and have talked to him throughout his transformation. I’ve always told him he looked fine the way he was before, when we knew him in school. What affected his ability to interact with his peers was never his race. Yes, there are some racist people-mainly because of the fact up in our city during the time he came here there were very few people of East Asian ethnicity about. He wasashy person, bullied in school but his reaction was to try and fit in rather than enjoy the social circle who accepted him. He was prickly at times, but deep down he wasawonderful person. He started to change when his family moved back to China, leaving him here and he was obviously depressed. Inaway,Iblame myself for not being more friendly-he was arrogant andIdistanced myself from him mostly because his attitude frustrated me. But as much as his behaviour annoyed me and his actions disappointed me,Iwould still sayIam his friend.
      It is sad to see so many calling him names in the comments-it is that sort of thing that set Leo on this self-destructive path. He has always beenalonely boy trying to fit in with British society, butIdo fear this is an addiction for him now. The real thingIsuppose is that he is happy, but until he accepts himself, ethnicity and all,Iam worried that he won’t be.
      Leo, I’m sorry for all you have been through. You areagreat guy-but then again you always have been. You never needed to waste money on surgery! Best of luck in the future though. I’m still around if you need to chat.

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