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    What It's Really Like #Growing Up With Anxiety

    When #Growingupwithanxiety started trending the world of Twitter jumped on the bandwagon. On one hand you had people sharing their innermost experiences of anxiety, while others talked about getting nervous giving presentations. But what is it really like growing up with anxiety?

    1. It's completely exhausting having your thoughts whizz through your head at 100mph

    2. Anxiety is a physical condition as well as a mental health condition.

    3. Anxiety may introduce you to her friends: depression and shame

    4. Your experience of the same situation is highly different to everybody else's

    5. Panic attacks can make you feel like you are going to die

    6. Growing up with anxiety means always jumping to the worst conclusion possible

    7. Missing out on things as a teenager

    8. Less free time

    9. You spend more time living in the future than you do in the present

    10. Remembering that there is hope..