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    Why Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer Has Been Part Of My Skincare Routine For Years

    I'm trading out skincare products constantly, but when it comes to moisturizer, Aqua Bomb is my one and only.

    In this big, chaotic world, it's so hard to find a true constant. Friends come and go. Careers and goals are ever-shifting. Time passes, things change, such is life.

    Hi, I'm Rachel, and I've found my life's one constant. The thing that I know I can depend on until the very end. It's Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb — the greatest moisturizer I have ever and likely will ever use. I've been repurchasing it for five years and have no plans of ever stopping.

    writer holding pot of Aqua Bomb captioned with five star emojis

    What makes Aqua Bomb so special is its gel-cream formula, which is cooling and calming on the skin — like giving your skin a big ol' glass of water. It feels as incredible to put on sun-weary skin in the hot months of summer as on chapped, dry skin in the winter. It's an everyday, all year product.

    Morning and night after cleansing and toning (I'm currently using Versed Keep The Peace cleanser and Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner), I pop on a few dollops of Aqua Bomb, smooth it all over my face and neck, and voila! Happy skin.

    It goes on a little shiny, but very quickly soaks in, leaving you with a subtle glow. These days, I rock that glow on its own all day long, but it also layers flawlessly under full face of makeup. It never feels sticky — my skin drinks it up so quickly it doesn't even have a chance to!

    writer's face captioned "gives you a little glow" and "soaks in super fast"

    I have combination skin that isn't too picky, but with Aqua Bomb, my drier areas get nice and moisturized and the spots on my face that are prone to oiliness don't get more oily after applying. Overall, it evens out my face's hydration and oil levels to a place that's simply comfortable.

    the writer's face captioned "hydrates my dry spots" with arrows pointed to her forehead and cheeks and "tames oily spots" with arrows pointing to her nose crease and chin

    Lucky for all you readers, Aqua Bomb is a fit for all skin types — reviewers on both extremes of the oily/dry scale agree that this moisturizer rocks. Across Sephora, Amazon, and Ulta, over 4,200 people of all different skin types have given it a five-star review! Read just a few of those ~glowing~ reviews for yourself below.

    writer holding an open tub of aqua bomb with a dab of it on her finger

    Ready to see what this beloved moisturizer can do for *your* skin? Get Aqua Bomb from Sephora for $22+ (available in three sizes), Amazon for $38, or Ulta for $38.

    Any annoying dryness in my skin getting absolutely BLASTED with Aqua Bomb every morning and night 😈

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