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What Item Will You Never Ever Get Rid Of?

A favorite pair of jeans? Your prized KitchenAid? A *holy grail* beauty product? Tell me, please!

In case your haven't heard, people are cleaning the eff out of their homes using Marie Kondo's KonMari method. Her best-selling book was recently adapted into a Netflix show, bringing tidiness to the masses!

According to Kondo, you should hold every item in your home to see if it "sparks joy." If it does, you get to keep it! If not, you thank it for its service and let it go.

So I NEED to know: What item sparks the most joy in you? What object could you never ever part with because of how much it makes your heart sing?

Maybe it's your favorite pair of black pants — the ones you would be wearing in every episode in the cartoon story of your life.

Or a gift from your significant other that you actually look at ALL the time...maybe it's even something from before you were dating!

Perhaps it's a cooking gadget that makes you feel like an absolute wizard in the kitchen. Or a trusty pan that you're *convinced* helps you nail the pancake flip every time.

Or maybe it's your favorite book. One that totally rocked your world and you're planning on rereading every year for forever.

Let us know below what you refused to part with on your tidying journey to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post! Or what you would refuse to part with if you were to do KonMarie — tbh, it looks like a lot of work!