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What Subscription Boxes Have You Tried That Are Totally Worth It?

There's a box for EVERYTHING. Which ones do you swear by?!

Subscription boxes. They're 🔥hot hot hot🔥! It feels like there's a monthly box for everything these days, which gets me thinking: what subscription boxes do you think are actually #worthit.


Maybe it's a meal prep box like HelloFresh, which delivers quick and healthy meals right to your door. Does it actually save you time on weeknights? I need to know!

Or an underwear subscription service like BootayBag that keeps your sweet cheeks looking fab. Are you really filled with delight when you see this little envelope arrive every four weeks?

Perhaps it's a beauty service like Birchbox that makes you happy as can be. Have you truly been pleased with all the goodies you've received?

I gotta know! What subscription boxes do you love with your whole heart and — most importantly — why? Sound off below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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