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Which Of Your Kitchen Gadgets Has Really Earned A Place In Your Drawers?

I just have to know what kind of kooky kitchen gadgets you absolutely love.

According to my calculations, there are one bazillion different kinds of kitchen gadgets, but only a blessed few that do what they say they will and are actually worth keeping around.

Which begs the question: What kitchen gadgets have YOU tried that are 100% worth it? Ones that you use all the time and plan on keeping around for the long haul.

It could be a multi-purpose item you reach for practically every day like these flexible silicone lids from Food52.

Or something über modern, like a precision cooker you use to perfectly sous vide the choicest cuts of meat, to the delight of your family or roommates.

stick-shaped precision cooker with screw attachment for securing to a pot on counter next to a pot and ingredients

But it could also be something simple that's brought you endless joy with its effectiveness, like a well-designed OXO peeler set.

serrated, swivel, and julienne peelers

I gotta know! What's your most prized kitchen gadget and, most importantly, why? Comment below (even better if you have photos!) for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!