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    15 Things To Buy During Wayfair’s Cyber Monday Sale That Have A *Ton* Of Promising Reviews

    Furniture, lighting, cookware, and so much more — all with glowing reviews.

    Big news! Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale is here with HUGE discounts on any and every one of your home needs. We're talking up to 80% off from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room and beyond, Wayfair is here to help you stock up on whatever you need.

    Here are some of the best products you can find on sale right now according to the literal hundreds of reviewers who bought them!

    1. A cooling memory foam pillow for 74% off because chances are it's been a while since you replaced your head's nightly perch. If your pillows are looking a little — errrr — yellowish, it's probably time to grab a few new ones.

    two of the white pillows on a bed

    2. A reversible microfiber comforter for up to 85% off so you have a mega-snuggly place to cuddle up and hibernate for the rest of the winter.

    muted red and butter yellow reversible quilted comforter

    3. A sleek office chair for up to 73% off available in a bunch of different metallic frame colors, so whether you're more of a chrome or a gold person, you can treat yourself to an ergonomic seat that *actually* looks nice too.

    rose gold and black rolling swivel office chair

    4. An adjustable desk for 60% off that's perfect for anyone looking for a classic yet modern place to work — best of all, it doubles as a standing desk so you can stretch your legs throughout the day.

    5. A Sealy memory foam mattress for up to 72% off so you can finally upgrade the mattress you hastily got for your first ever apartment. Your back will be so excited to have a veritable cloud under it instead of the springs it's used to.

    the mattress

    6. An outdoor hanging lantern for 52% off that will give even the most modern build a slight vintage touch. I'm getting major "ah, yes, the carriage has arrived" vibes.

    reviewer's black angular hanging lantern with glass panes and a single bulb on a front porch

    7. A tufted chaise lounge for 43% off because you're going to feel so cool sipping on some tea and reading a magazine while lounging on this thing. It's almost too much to handle.

    reviewer's white tufted chaise lounge with the back on its right side

    8. A round jute pouf for 62% off that will add to your space's eclectic vibe while also giving your feet the perfect place to rest. Love that for you.

    jute round pouf ottoman

    9. A Cuisinart food processor and blender combo for 61% off so you can finally have both of these handy kitchen appliances without having to find space for two bases. Time to dial in your smoothie, salsa, and hummus recipes!

    cuisinart base with a food processor attachment on top next to a bender attachment

    10. A versatile sideboard table for up to 70% off that can serve as a buffet, storage piece, or entertainment center with equal prowess.

    the dark wood sideboard with four cabinets and two open shelves

    11. A solid wood nightstand for 58% off that's particularly suited for shorter platform beds to add a sleek mid-century look to your space with the added bonus of lots of storage.

    medium warm wood bedside table with two drawers and midcentury legs

    12. A set of four metal bar stools for up to 64% off that, when nestled by your kitchen island, will give your space a nice rustic touch.

    silver weathered bar stool

    13. A dining table for 50% off with a herringbone top and black metal hairpin-style legs that puts a new spin on the traditional wood table while also retaining a classic construction that'll help it last for years. The best of both worlds.

    14. A 12-piece T-fal nonstick cookware set for 66% off that even includes a few cooking utensils and is ready to take on nearly any cooking task you can throw at it.

    the black and silver 12-piece cookware set

    15. A versatile classic metal bed frame for 61% off, which looks like it could be found both in a Victorian house in 1823 *and* your farmhouse-chic apartment in 2023.

    black metal bed frame with a headboard and foot board that each peak in the middle

    And that's just a teeny slice of the great deals available right now at Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale! Shop now for up to 80% off on your new favorite home goods.