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    34 Things You Absolutely Need If You're Planning On Being At The Beach All Summer

    I'm from Florida and thereby have the authority to tell you what to bring to the beach!

    1. A go-to halter bathing suit so that you don't have to waste any more time trying to figure out your beach oufit. Throw this cutie on, and get your booty to the shore!

    2. A huge umbrella that's actually sturdy enough to hold up to the ocean breeze. We've all seen someone chase their umbrella in the wind and vowed not to repeat their mistakes.

    3. A set of towel clips to prevent the wind from blowing your towel all the way down the damn beach, making you chase after it like a FOOL.

    4. A set of striped beach towels so you can feel like you're laying out in your own cabana at a resort...even if you're just splayed out on an old chair at your town pool.

    5. A dramatic maxi cover up that will make you look like the true Heart of the Ocean.

    6. Some beach reads to pass the time in the best way possible. Try The Kiss Quotient (Helen Hoang) if you're in the mood for a refreshingly new unique take on a sexy romance and Where'd You Go, Bernadette (Maria Semple) for a familial mystery so wild, it'll literally take you to the ends of the earth.

    7. A large mesh beach bag that'll hold E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you could possibly need, but lets sand fall right through. Good riddance!

    8. A lightweight pair of flip flops to protect your feet from that hot, hot sand. And after you're done, sand will just wash right off these babies — no more tracking it back home!

    9. A wide-brimmed hat so you can protect your eyes and face from UV rays while also looking cool as hell.

    10. A comfy beach chair that will become a temporary bed for when you're feeling a little beachy nap time.

    11. A chair canopy to keep your precious face out of the harsh sun as you enter hour five of reading a transfixing romance novel.

    12. An avocado beach towel, because avocado isn't just a super food — it's also a super accessory.

    13. A beach toy set that's bundles of fun for all ages. NO ONE is too old to enjoy decorating a sandcastle with a seashell mold. NO ONE.

    14. A chiffon cover up with tassels, becasue if you're not waltzing from the car to the beach like it's a runway, honestly, what's the point?

    15. A waterproof bluetooth speaker so you can have a little beach dance party. Your towel neighbors won't be mad because they'll be begging to join in the fun!

    16. An outdoor utility wagon so you can haul all of your goods up the beach to find the perfect spot. Whether it's your 30-rack, dog, or — idk — kids, this baby wagon's got you covered.

    17. A set of cup holders because you could argue that sand is Nature's cup holder, but drinking a cold bevie from a can caked with sand is a bummer to say the least.

    18. An insulated rolling cooler that makes bringing along delicious snacks and meals easy as ~pie~.

    19. Polarized sunglasses so that you don't have to strain your eyes while watching the sun set over the water.

    20. A ladder toss game that's easy to transport and set up so you can keep you *and* your crew entertained all the live long day.

    21. And a corn hole set if you want to have a veritable beach Olympics!

    22. A TomboyX swim suit that will give you the freedom to do SO MANY ACTIVITIES. Rock those beach cartwheels!

    23. A serious sand castle kit with specific tools for forming brick walls and battlements that will be the envy of King Neptune himself.

    24. A twin pack of Banana Boat spray-on sunscreen that makes application a million times easier while still providing the same great protection.

    25. And some high-SPF, non-greasy Neutrogena stick sunscreen perfect for keeping your face from getting a terrible sunglasses tan.

    26. A faux-rug beach towel if you want to lay out while still maintaining your homebody ~aesthetic~.

    27. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite that makes it possible for you to read AND frolic in the ocean simultaneously if that's what's in your heart.

    28. A cheery high-waisted bikini for when summer beach weather is finally in full ~bloom~.

    29. A boogie board so you can catch some waves and yell "Cowabunga, dude!" even if you've never stepped foot on a surfboard in your life.

    30. A visor for effectively combatting sun exposure but also...might be...chic?

    31. Reef flip flops that will make you look like you practically live on the beach. Nope, no shoobies here!

    32. Some coconut sunnies if you want to take your commitment to lounging in paradise up to 11.

    33. An insulated Hydro Flask water bottle because it would suck to ironically be dehydrated while surrounded by all that water.

    34. A flying disc so you can make like a dog and play some fetch with your friends.

    Have a rad time at the beach all summer! Don't forget to pick up your trash and leave the shore how you found it!

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