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    16 Things To Try In April

    Because we tried them for you in March.

    1. A fortified duck-shaped dog toy that's proven it can stand the wrath even the toughest of chewers. My coworker's dog Rockie (the angel pictured below) normally goes through toys in a few days, and this duck has survived for four months!

    2. A tube of Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara for anyone who's been searching high and low for their holy grail mascara — this could be the one!

    buzzfeed writer's face with one set of eyelashes with no product on and the other wearing the mascara looking longer and darker

    3. An amazingly uncomplicated Wad-Free detangler device to keep bedsheets of any size from getting twisted, tangled, or balled-up while in the washer or dryer.

    square plastic device holding four corners of a sheet in a buzzfeed editor's dryer

    4. A fluffy floral handbag for storing all of your springtime essentials in one trendy, cozy, Insta-worthy place.

    buzzfeed writer holding a white fuzzy purse printed with black flowers

    5. A cheery face mask with an adjustable nose bridge and ear straps so you can position just so to avoid the dreaded fogging of the glasses.

    buzzfeed writer in a multicolored blue and yellow striped face mask

    6. A Layla Hybrid Mattress that has two firmness options — that's right, just flip that sucker over to test out the firm side and the soft side and decide which one suits you best. It's also made with copper-infused foam to keep you cool as a cucumber even during the summer months.

    7. A sampler of Avec mixers so fresh and flavorful, they taste like a real life mixologist whipped them up special just for you. With hard liquor for a cocktail, nonalcoholic spirits for a mocktail, or on their own over ice, all of Avec's flavors leave ya wanting more. 10/10.

    8. Some Hero Cosmetics pimple patches — the cult-fave sebum-suckers that start draining your whiteheads of goo as soon as you stick 'em on.

    amazon reviewer's clear pimple patch full of sebum

    9. A pack of organic Reese's Cups for anyone who wants to eat their favorite chocolate treat with their pinky elegantly out. Dark chocolate + organic PB = bliss.

    BuzzFeed Editor holding a bitten-into organic reese's cup

    10. A pair of recycled fleece sweatpants from Richer Poorer to stay cozy and look ~cool~. Temperatures may be warming up some, but don't be fooled into thinking it's magically going to be scorching outside just because the sun stays out later. I literally forget every year that spring is str8 up cold sometimes and you need a wardrobe to match.

    buzzfeed editor in light and medium blue tie-dye sweatpant joggers with a waist tie

    11. Some organic, gluten-free pizza bites so you can take your love of these precious little pockets of lava to the next level with organic veggies and grass-fed mozzarella.

    12. A card from Cute Root that — get this — can be planted and grow into wildflowers! After enjoying your message, the card receiver can soak the card, plant it in soil, place it in the sun, and be amazed as it grows! A happy little greeting, indeed.

    13. A wood platform bed frame with a plush linen headboard that's a serious upgrade from the rickety metal frame you've been rocking for a while. If you're looking to spend a bit to instantly upgrade your room's aesthetic, this no-tools-required assembly walnut frame is an excellent pick.

    14. Yotta — a financial app that rewards you for saving money by giving you a "lottery ticket" for every $25 you put away. Drawings for winners happen weekly and if you don't win, no worries! You aren't penalized and have built your savings!

    15. A flexible, easy-to-assemble Noho office chair for anyone who needs a comfy WFH seat but abhors the look of a rolling chair. This splurge-worthy perch has been keeping me much more comfortable at my desk and sewing table while actively making my house look cooler — win win!

    16. A tie-dye face mask so you can still be stylin' while keeping yourself and other safe. It's about time you invested in a mask you really love.

    buzzfeed editor in a pink and white tie-dye face mask