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    24 Things That Will Help You Fully Celebrate Spring

    *chanting* spring, spring, spring

    1. A Hydro Flask so you can stay hydrated as you walk, bike, and jog around in the newly warm weather.

    2. A clear bubble umbrella that will ensure spring showers don't put a damper on your ~aesthetic~.

    3. Ruffage — a vegetable cookbook that'll help you get the most out of all the amazing produce you'll be getting from the farmers market all spring and summer.

    4. And some reusable produce bags so you can tote all your lovely produce home without using any plastic bags.

    5. A new pair of denim shorts to free your leggies from their winter restraints. They'll be so relieved to feel the breeze!

    6. An ENO Double Nest hammock, because if you're lucky there's gonna be a lot of lazing around in parks for you this season. It folds tight for easy transport, are super easy to hang, and can be placed anywhere with two sturdy supports.

    7. An infusion pitcher to steep some refreshing flavored waters. Just pop the produce of your choice in the center chamber, sit back, relax, and await a delectable beverage.

    8. A multi-purpose cleaner that's a lazy spring cleaner's dream and will have basically your entire home sparkling in no time at all.

    9. An 18-inch charcoal grill for hosting little BBQs for your friends. In their eyes, you'll go down in history as a springtime legend.

    10. A pair of round, mirrored sunnies that say "Yeah, I'm dating the sun, and in case you haven't noticed, we're the coolest couple in town."

    11. A multi-pack of seeds to plant a lively garden full of delicious food! If you haven't grown your own veggies before, I cannot help but recommend it. I grew one good tomato two years ago and am still beaming with pride.

    12. A nice little two-person tent so when the siren song of the great outdoors calls, you're always prepared for a night spent under the stars.

    13. An everyday sunscreen to ensure your precious skin is protected from all the sun you're gonna be soaking up. Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen is a makeup primer with SPF 40 whose red algae, frankincense, and meadowfoam seed–packed formula will shield you from harmful UV rays without ruining your ~lewk~.

    14. Some comfy sandals so your tootsies can feel the sweet sweet breeze they've been missing for months. And ones with actual arch support? Thank you, sandal gods!!!

    15. A swingy vintage-inspired dress that makes me want to do my favorite springtime activity — riding one of those old bikes with the giant front wheel while whistling "Tiptoe Through the Tulips."

    16. A cold brew maker so you can save a little money on your favorite warm-weather (or any-weather if we're being honest) caffeine habit. Just add coffee to the filter, fill with water, and let it sit in the fridge overnight to awake to the gift of delicious cold brew.

    17. Glossier's new Skywash eyeshadow in one of their lovely pastel shades — with every blink of your eyes you'll be telling the world that Spring is your middle name.

    18. Some storage bins to keep your winter clothes safe *and* out of the way. Now is the time to get negativity — aka big 'ol sweaters and parkas — out. of. your. life.

    19. A subscription to Dia & Co so you can have a new warm-weather wardrobe delivered right to your door. Focus on flower sniffing — your stylist will focus on your outfits.

    20. A Clinique tinted lip balm that gives you major color payoff while also hydrating that pout. A springy pink lip that's actually comfortable to wear all day? Incredible.

    21. A knotted one-piece bathing suit so you're always prepared to take a dip! My wish for you is a future full of pool parties.

    22. An absolutely adorable pair of smiley face huggie earrings that are basically a live stream of my face from March through May.

    23. A pack of colorful gel pens so that even your writing is bursting with springtime cheer.

    24. A pastel nail polish set for giving yourself seasonal manis without expensive trips to the salon. Just squish your lil' fingers together to make a floral bouquet all your own!

    Happy best-of-all-seasons, everyone!!!!!

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