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    20 Things From Target That'll Keep You In Cozy Mode For As Long As Possible

    Blankies, sweaters, PJs, oh my.

    1. First and foremost, a Casper memory foam mattress so that glorious winter days spent curled up in bed are *finally* more comfortable. It's time to ditch the old squeaky mattress you have and invest in a soft, foam wonder. Ugh, I love Casper mattresses.

    The mattress

    2. A zip-up hoodie to — at long last — replace your fave from 2008. No offense to that stalwart of your closet. It's a hall of famer. But perhaps a hoodie with a working zipper and no holes is in order.

    Model wearing black zip-up hoodie

    3. A ribbed beanie available in a suite of fun colors so you can top your dome with a poppy accessory and keep your ears nice and warm, all for just $5.

    A purple beanie on a fake head

    4. A V-neck sweater with an interesting wrap front if you adore wrap dresses but sadly need to dress warmer for just a few more months. The perfect swap!

    Model wearing black and white top with blue jeans

    5. A pair of mid-calf suede boots at a swell under-$100 price so you can go from padding around the apartment to taking your daily walk around the block (brave when it's cold!) without ever exposing your tootsies to the frigid air.

    A pair of camel suede sheepskin booties

    6. An open-front ribbed cardigan with a nice long-line silhouette to drape effortlessly over any dress, jumpsuit, or even PJ set that needs a bit of a warm-up.

    Model wearing black skirt, white tee with grey cardigan and black baseball hat

    7. A plush robe for cozying up in while chilling at home. Lounging around after a shower in bed wrapped in your favorite robe? Heaven.

    model in a grey midi robe with a waist tie

    8. A two-pack of marled fuzzy socks — too many pairs of sleep socks? Never heard of such a thing.

    a pair of light pink and a pair of dark pink marked fuzzy socks

    9. A weighted blanket that could help you sleep a little sounder and relax a bit more. If you're comforted by warm squeezes and weight on you but haven't tried a weighted blanket, it may finally be time.

    model under a quilted grey weighted blanket

    10. A long mock neck sweater whose gorgeous cabling will spice up your fit when you pair it with your favorite pair of simple black leggings.

    model in the red honeycomb textured sweater

    11. A chenille floor pillow so every single surface in your house has the potential to be a plush, soft surface to sit on — even the ground!

    tufted square pillows in warm and cool colors

    12. An adorable button-front cardigan with a super cute vintage-inspired trim. It's giving Varsity Team, so dream come true.

    model in light blue button-front cardigan with cream stripes around the trim

    13. A chunky knit throw blanket so you have a trendy, cozy, *and* practical accessory to your living room.

    The blanket in the color Dark Gray

    14. Or a fuzzy knit blanket with a ribbed border, because having a throw over basically every chair back is a must in my opinion, but hey, I run cold. Bonus: this baby is machine washable!

    fuzzy knit throw blanket in light blue

    15. A tie-front pointelle cardigan so you can rock this '90s resurgence trend while also adding a warm(ish) lil' layer to your fit.

    model in black cropped long sleeve tie-front pointelle cardigan

    16. A super fuzzy backrest pillow for kicking back and relaxing as you participate in your annual rewatch of Gilmore Girls from the comfort of your bed.

    grey fuzzy armrest pillow

    17. A 100% linen duvet set because let's face it: You're gonna be spending a lot of time cuddled up in bed in the coming months, and warm-yet-breathable linen is the perfect material for your setup.

    sage green linen bedding

    18. A plaid sweater overcoat if you love sweaters so much, you wanna wear sweaters OVER your other sweaters. That's a true outerwear power move.

    Model in black, brown and cream blazer-like sweater jacket

    19. A soft matching PJ set you might want to go ahead and get a few pairs of up front. Try to tell me this isn't your real cold weather uniform — I dare you.

    long sleeve and long pant pj set with white and blue stripes

    20. A crewneck cropped sweater because stocking up on sweaters you can layer endlessly is the name of the game.

    a model wearing the green sweater

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