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    31 Things From REI That Reviewers Love And You Probably Will, Too

    Reviewer-approved gear for camping, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A two-person tent so you and a friend can camp under the stars. On the trail or in the backyard, you have the perfect, simple setup.

    2. A Jade yoga mat that will *actually* keep you from slipping and sliding about during yoga without the help of towels. I would know — I am the sweatiest person alive, do a lot of yoga, and this is the only mat that's EVER been grippy enough to support me!

    3. A Sea to Summit compression dry sack for keeping all of your outdoor necessities safe and dry. Come at me, rain!

    4. An Osprey Aura AG 65 pack that'll carry your entire life on any backpacking trips. It has basically endless pockets, zippers, and straps to help you stay organized, and its unique suspended mesh back will help you stay comfortable during long days of walking.

    5. A bottle of Campsuds biodegradable soap so you can wash your dishes, hands, anything without harming the environment. Just remember to bury your soapy water!

    6. A Helinox camping chair that weighs a minuscule one pound, so taking it as a camping (or even backpacking!) luxury item isn't going to be a hassle. Not to mention, your booty will be thankful.

    7. Or a camping love seat so you and your boo can snuggle up close and admire the fire you built together.

    8. A pair of Brooks Ghost 12 running shoes that'll keep your groovin' for mile after mile. These cult-fave shoes have *just* the right amount of cushioning while still staying durable and light as can be.

    9. A big ol' Nalgene so you can take part in the age-old tradition of putting stickers allllll over one of these bad boys. Nalgenes are light as can be, have un-lose-able lids, and are simply classic.

    10. A portable Jetboil camp stove, which boils water in just 100 seconds, has a color-changing boil indicator, and is super duper easy to take camping or backpacking.

    11. A Patagonia puffer coat that's the perfect combination of warm and breathable. Patagonia, #1 gear brand of my heart, you've done it again!

    12. An Eno Doublenest Hammock so you can literally ~hang out~ among the trees. Especially when paired with the Atlas Straps, you can perch almost anywhere for a quick little snooze.

    13. A lightweight beanie, because who doesn't need a beanie with them at all times, especially when outdoors? Beanies are the great equalizer, and I stand by that.

    14. A Gregory hydration pack whose built-in hydration pocket holds three liters of water. Go on and sip casually from your pack as you continue on your day hike, you absolute pro.

    15. A pack of Wilderness Wipes so you can give yourself a pseudo-shower after a long day on the trail and before turning in for the night.

    16. Some GU Energy Gel to give you an extra boost of energy whenever you need it. If only Michael Scott knew you should use these for a carbohydrate boost instead of fettuccine alfredo...

    17. A pair of Darn Tough hiking socks that are just what they claim to be — darn tough! Their merino wool wicks moisture and regulates your temperature, so be prepared to fall in love with them.

    18. A rock climbing training board for gaining the strength you're going to need on the mountain in the comfort (and safety!) of your own home.

    19. A pair of Prana capri yoga pants that'll be your new go-to for yoga, yes, but also jogging, the exercising, and uhhhh sleeping. Life's better in leggings, we know this.

    20. A FlipBelt running belt so you can zip your valuables away around your waist while you're training. This one goes out to every time I tied my house key to my shoelace before a jog.

    21. A Hydro Flask that's not just trendy, but is also a darn good water bottle. I have this one and it comes with me EVERYWHERE. It's super easy to carry, is virtually indestructible, and its vibrant color genuinely makes me very happy.

    22. A Eureka two-burner camp stove perfect for whipping up a full meal in the great outdoors. With two burners and heat control, you're gonna be the head chef of the wilderness.

    23. A Patagonia Barely sports bra, because the perfect hiking bra is supportive but not constricting. It'll keep you contained and wick moisture during the day, but won't require contortion when it's time to take it off at night.

    24. A lightweight trowel appropriately named The Deuce — yes, it's mostly for burying poop during backpacking trips, but is also useful in any instance you need to dig a small hole!

    25. A Marmot sleeping bag available in men's and women's sizes that's rated for use down to 16 degrees! It's weight-cutting mummy shape, hood drawstring, and extra foot insulation makes this one of the coziest options available, and I just really want that for you.

    26. A kayak with a paddle for heading out on the lake or river. My family had kayaks like this while I was growing up in Florida, so can confirm: they're a wonderful, peaceful way to enjoy a day on the water.

    27. A pair of Balega comfort socks whose cushioning along the toes and heel makes a big difference on long runs. Reviewers love them for their extra comfort, refusal to slip, and durability.

    28. A Therm-a-rest compressible camp pillow so when you gently lay your head down to rest at camp, your cheek isn't mushed up against a rock or root. Worth it, in my opinion.

    29. A Patagonia Better Sweater that's an all-around winner for adventures and running errands alike. Knit wool exterior + fleece lining = best of both worlds.

    30. A climbOn! lotion bar to rehydrate and heal your fingers and hands after climbing. Weight lifters also swear by its fast-acting powers!

    31. A Pendleton blanket that's perfect indoors and outdoors alike. No need to differentiate your camping and home bedding with this around.

    Have fun and be careful on all your upcoming adventures!

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