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    21 Treats For Anyone Who's Really Into Cottagecore

    *sing-whispering* 🎶Baby, you're like lightning in a bottle...🎶

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    Cottagecore — the aesthetically pleasing, DIY-revival TikTok trend — is still gaining in popularity. And why wouldn't it? Baking from scratch, pressing flowers as gifts for friends, wandering through fields until you find the perfect place to rest and read some poetry...sounds like heaven to me.

    A lot of the trend is based on thrifting, and that's wonderful — do that when possible! But for anyone who wants to get a lil' Cottagecore treat for themselves or a pal, here are a few things I think you'll love:

    1. Some linen towels for helping you wipe up little spills, tying up baked goods in to take on a little picnic, or laying on a cake stand to display something scrumptious.

    stack of the beige towels

    2. A whistling teakettle you can place directly on the stovetop that'll gently and charmingly alert you when the water's ready.

    reviewer's yellow kettle with a stainless steel and wood handle and spout

    3. And some accompanying loose leaf tea from Brooklyn Tea to go with! I particularly recommend their Vanilla Rooibos and Darjeeling.

    the writer's two bags of loose leaf tea on a wooden tray with a mug and small saucer of looseleaf darjeeling

    4. The Forager's Harvest, which will teach you to history and uses of 32 edible North American plants. You're out wandering in the woods anyway — might as well pick up lunch!

    the forager's harvest by samuel thayer

    5. A botanical embroidery kit you can meditatively enjoy working on while outside with actual ferns. Art imitates life.

    black fabric on a hoop with embroidered ferns and plants in various green shades

    6. A French butter crock so you always have fresh, softened butter on hand and another gorgeous piece of pottery to display.

    writer holding the full lid of the white speckled butter crock next to the base

    7. A latch hook set like this butterfly or horse to keep your hands busy and have a fun little rug to display at the end of your toil.

    8. A mushroom growing kit that puts the ~fun~ in fungus and lets you cultivate your very own pink oyster mushrooms. What a tasty treat!

    reviewer's large colony of pink oyster mushrooms

    9. A hand-blown glass cake stand to display your handmade treats in a true place of honor. I have honestly never seen a more beautiful cake stand.

    10. A coffee percolator for brewing up some coffee the old-fashioned way, indoors or out.

    11. A French rolling pin to get all of your doughs to *just* the right thickness without much fuss.

    12. A beginner scarf-knitting kit so you can feel pride well in your heart as you don your first hand-knit garment. This is just the beginning for you and this useful hobby.

    model wearing long yellow garter stitch scarf

    13. A picnic basket set for creating memorable outdoor meal experiences for just yourself or some properly socially distanced pals.

    reviewer's open basket on a blanket at the beach with plates, etc strapped securely to the lid

    14. Some teeny tiny pinecone earrings — you already collect so many of them, might as well have two more you can wear!

    small silver pinecone earrings with J-shaped hooks

    15. A harvest leaves Bundt cake tin to welcome autumn with open arms and a full tummy.

    reviewer's fall leaf bundt cake

    16. A record player, because Rumours just isn't quite the same if it's not on slightly crackly vinyl.

    reviewer's black and red plaid record player playing "meet the beatles"

    17. A mascara with entirely plastic-free packaging to complete your natural makeup look and add a vintage touch to your routine. This is how it used to be packaged, after all!

    18. A cross-back apron so you can stay clean while happily wiling away the hours in the kitchen or in the garden.

    19. The Homestead Canning Cookbook, because winter is approaching and it's time to preserve all of your late summer produce so you can enjoy it during colder months.

    the homestead canning cookbook by georgia varozza

    20. A three-piece ceramic planter with excellent drainage to keep your indoor plants happy and healthy as well as serve as your cutest piece of decor. WHY do so many cute planters not have drainage?! And because of its unique design you can mix and match colors if you get multiples.

    three planters with a bowl-like top, narrower tall base, and a saucer at the bottom

    21. A printed bandana to both accessorize and protect your neck from getting burned should you fall asleep on a picnic blanket after a filling lunch.

    Shout out to the Mother of all things Cottagecore, Miss Honey HERSELF!

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