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    30 Products Anyone Who Loves The Outdoors Will Likely Want

    Gear, games, and decor that'll speak to your truest outdoorsy self.

    1. A tinted mineral face sunscreen with SPF 30 to keep faces of all skintones protected with no unsightly white cast or residue.

    2. A Lifestraw personal water filter that allows you to safely drink from any water source. When you're camping and hiking a ton, it's just good to have reassurance that you won't run out of clean water.

    reviewer drinking out of a stream from a lifestraw

    3. An inflatable lounge chair you inflate just by whipping it in the wind, meaning no pesky hand pumps or electricity needed to get the perfect comfy resting place wherever you may roam.

    reviewer laying in purple inflated chair

    4. Some all-natural bug spray to keep pesky flying critters away, without using a bunch of chemicals and an aerosol can to do so.

    brown spray bottle

    5. A large mesh beach bag that'll hold E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you could possibly need, but lets sand fall right through. Good riddance!

    reviewer holding pink white and blue beach bag made of mesh

    6. A good ol' soccer ball — ya know — for kicking. Get out there and practice your rainbow, I think this is the year you're finally gonna get it!

    the ball

    7. And a backyard soccer net — ya know — for kicking things into. I know you're 27 and haven't played soccer since high school, but I don't think it's too late for you to make the national team!

    small soccer net in yard

    8. A dramatic floppy hat, because "showing off a new accessory" is wonderful reason to venture outside if you ask me.

    reviewer wears the hat

    9. Some melt-resistant lip balm with SPF 30 that'll ensure your pout won't get burned no matter how long you're out on the lake.

    black tube of orange lip balm

    10. An over-fire camp grill so it's easier to cook an entire meal over a campfire — no more trying to figure out how to cook everything on a stick.

    metal grate over campfire with two pans and a coffee percolator on top

    11. An accent pillow that'll remind you of all your grand adventures — even if you're not gonna be able to hit the old dusty trail for a while.

    round hook pillow with a minimalist sun and mountain scene

    12. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can have a personal little outdoor dance party.

    round speaker with carabiner in palm of reviewer's hand

    13. A bocce ball set so you can learn a classic game that's easy to play anywhere and have a ton of fun while doing it. Just ask me and my group of friends who roll these things endlessly all summer only *occasionally* fighting about points.

    four yellow and four blue bocce balls with one small white ball in grass

    14. A cot and air mattress if the only thing keeping you from sleeping outdoors more is discomfort laying on the ground. Sleeping under the stars is rad, but sleeping in a BED under the stars? Unbeatable.

    two models sitting on a queen-size inflatable mattress on a cot inside a tall tent

    15. A pair of Vasque Breeze LT boots that will cradle your feet as you hike. I have these and adore them — they're the perfect boot/sneaker crossover and have ample support without feeling too bulky.

    plum and black thick-soled mid-height hiking boots

    16. A camping chair loveseat so you can snuggle up and share your love of adventure with your boo.

    camping chair that looks like two camping chairs melded together with no middle arm rests

    17. A pair of binoculars for getting a closer look at the local flora and fauna. Is that a cardinal?! Oh, nope, just a weird leaf.

    hands holding small black binoculars

    18. A Rumpl indoor/outdoor blanket to keep you warm and cozy all through the night. Its smooth surface is waterproof and resistant to dirt, so there are no worries about exposing it to the elements.

    19. A custom landscape watercolor so you can appreciate your favorite outdoor scene for what it is: art.

    20. A Helinox ultra-light chair, because after a long day of putting on the miles, the last thing you want to do is perch on a rock.

    review image of dog next to short bucket seat chair

    21. A lantern and fan hybrid that's as close as you're gonna get to sweet, sweet AC in your tent. And who doesn't need an extra hands-free light around?

    light and fan combo hanging inside a tent

    22. An Ugly Stik fishing pole and Penn Battle II reel so you can give fishing a go if you're in want of some quiet time and perhaps a fresh caught meal.

    23. A huge umbrella that's actually sturdy enough to hold up to the ocean breeze. We've all seen someone chase their umbrella in the wind and vowed not to repeat their mistakes.

    models on beach under big umbrella with two staked-down side flaps

    24. A Nalgene so you always have a hydrating sidekick when you need one. Large, durable, and easy to clip to a carabiner, they're the perfect outdoor bottle.

    25. String lights that are a staggering 48 feet long so you can transform your patio space into a private outdoor bistro. Nothing better than hilarious and casually chic promise of dining al fresco.

    backyard patio with stringlights

    26. A raised garden bed so you can cultivate your very own plant babies. Totally worth getting a bit dirty if it means your little seedlings thrive!

    white garden bed next to others on patio full of dirt and growing plants

    27. An "inside sucks" dishtowel that pretty much sums up your whole philosophy.

    green towel with simple illustration of a tent and someone grilling in the forest reading "inside sucks"

    28. A collapsible, lightweight cornhole set, because as much as it hurts to admit this...cornhole...is fun. The people love it, yourself included, just admit it.

    29. A pack of TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls so you always have enough on-hand in case you plunk a few into the water. And hey, doesn't hurt to get a few more yards on your drive.

    pack of white golf balls

    30. An eight-piece mess kit for making packing an outdoor lunch simple as can be. Most importantly, it all packs together tightly and efficiently, so it's easy to throw in a backpack and go.

    Enjoy your glorious time in the sun, folks!

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