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    26 Things Anyone Who Rents An Apartment Could Probably Use

    Products for anyone who wants to ensure they get their security deposit back, make nice with their roommates, and get the most out of a tiny space.

    1. A twinkle light curtain, because decorating with roommates can be a battle, but this is one piece of cute decor you can certainly agree on.

    2. A decorative window film to cover any oddly placed windows (HOW many places have I rented with a window right next to the toilet?!) while adding a fun sparkly touch to the room.

    reviewer's window with holographic geometric frosted covering

    3. A set of Command hooks for hanging almost anything without causing any damage to your walls — a renter's dream product. I always keep a hearty stash of these in case I simply NEED to display necklaces, make a key hook, or hang a towel in a more convenient spot.

    4. Or Command poster strips for displaying artwork or anything else relatively light without creating holes you'll have to fill in to get your security deposit back. I challenge you to find *less* than 100 uses for these.

    reviewer's hand holding rectangular command strips

    5. An oven thermometer so if your landlord didn't provide you with the best oven, you can still know what temperature you're at. Nothing worse than a bake turning out poorly because of an inaccurate oven.

    round thermometer with top hook and stand sitting on an oven rack

    6. A TubShroom to catch all the stray hair that would normally get caught in your drain — no more snaking pesky blockages or having to pester the landlord to call the plumber.

    on the left reviewer's white tubshroom in drain, on the right the same tubshroom covered in hair

    7. A bottle rack for finally organizing the unstable mountain of reusable water bottles in the house. How have you guys acquired so many?!

    six water bottles stacked two by three in a clear plastic rack

    8. A large bottle of plant-based bathroom cleaner to keep handy so nobody has an excuse not to pitch with the scrubbing. Would I encourage you to passive aggressively leave this in front of your roommate's door if it's been a while since they cleaned? No. But I won't discourage it either.

    spray bottle of citrus bathroom cleaner

    9. A suction shower and bath grip so you and any housemates or guests can confidently step into the bath over any high, slippery ledges without installing something permanent.

    10. A roll of self-adhesive marble film to chic-ify your bathroom or kitchen counters in a way that's simple to remove once that lease is up.

    on top a reviewer's plain bathroom counter, on the bottom the same counter covered in marble film

    11. A pack of skinny velvet hangers that'll make the most of your small closet space by getting your clothes closer together. Mmmm, snuggly.

    on the left clothes neatly on the velvet hangers labeled "after," on the right the same closet labeled "before" with various hangers overlapping and messy

    12. Or a set of cascading hanger hooks to make even *more* space by arranging clothes vertically.

    13. A 6-in-1 Instant Pot so you can forget about other bulky appliances and pare down to one that you can actually fit in your tiny cabinets.

    14. Refrigerator storage bins to simplify splitting coveted fridge space with housemates. Now your special yogurt will have it's own special place where Brenda knows not to touch it. Ugh...Brenda...

    15. A bottle of Poo-Pourri so you and your roommates can do your ~business~ without worrying too much about the stink factor.

    reviewer holding bottle or original citrus scent poo-pourri

    16. A roll of cabinet and drawer liners for anyone with older cabinets that might be chipping, flaking, or are just a little gross. Liners will help keep your things nice and clean — these are slip-resistant and easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

    17. A dirty/clean dishwasher magnet so your household can finally get a clear answer on if the dishwasher's been run or not. And I think one inspired by one of your favorite sitcoms will drive everyone to actually use it.

    hand holding a golden girls magnet that says clean with an illustration of blanche on one side that says "dirty" and rose on the other side that says "clean"

    18. An under-the-sink drawer set for keeping a usually ghastly area spick-and-span and creating a space where everyone's spare toiletries can live.

    19. A red-wine stain remover so you won't be penalized for dancing a *little* too hard with your glass of merlot and spilling all over the carpet. Life happens.

    20. A bidet attachment that's simple to install and can be taken from apartment to apartment, because trust me — once you try this thing, you're never gonna want to leave it ~behind~.

    21. A pack of 10 silicone straws, carrying cases, and cleaners so your entire household can partake in eco-friendly straws — maybe even make a little straw station! These fold up super small, are even dishwasher-safe, and last but not least, are just really cute.

    ten multicolored straws with four cases and four cleaners

    22. A rust stain-removing gel to get your shower clean again after it's become discolored from constant use between you and what feels like one bazillion roommates.

    23. A shower caddy so you can finally clear everyone's many products off your tub wall and store your them in a nice, reachable place.

    brown metallic over-shower-head rack with two racks and many hooks

    24. A set of four under-the-bed storage boxes, because chances are you don't have access to great attic or basement storage space. Now you'll have plenty of room for off-season clothes or whatever you need to store and be able to actually see what you have.

    25. An over-the-cabinet storage system so plug-in hair tools can have their own special place, instead of junking up the open under-the-cabinet space.

    copper wire cabinet rack with secure storage for a hairdryer and tow other tools

    26. And of course some custom face stickers you can make of yourself that will say, "This is my vitamin C serum, please don't use it," or "Hello roommate, I love our friendship," depending on the situation.

    See? He never would have eaten from that jar is there was a tiny sticker of Abbi's face on it.

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