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    20 Target Products To Help You Feel Less Sweaty This Summer

    Moisture-wicking clothes, perfectly chilly beverages, and cooling skincare will all do their part to help you fight the humidity.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker so you can ditch the hot stuff in favor of an icy glass of heaven every morning (without spending $5 at a coffee shop).

    The iced coffee maker in black

    2. A stainless-steel insulated can cooler for anyone who normally drinks half a La Croix, puts it down, and returns to a warm drink thanks to summer heat. This handy gadget will keep it frosty much longer!

    The black can cooler

    3. A double hammock with straps included so you can post up wherever you find some shade and *hopefully* catch a cool breeze.

    Two people relaxing in the red and purple hammock hung from trees

    4. A silk pillowcase that will feel much cooler against your skin than your traditional cotton one. Bonus: it'll smooth your hair overnight as well. Win, win!

    The silk pillowcase on a pillow in a bed

    5. A cordless personal fan to place on your desk or bedside so you can direct cool, flowing air in the exact right direction. Ooooh you could also place it in the kitchen! Working over a hot stove when it's already hot is just too much.

    small black fan on a flat stand

    6. Or a tower fan for giving some relief to an entire room in one fell swoop. I swear by this style of fan for sleeping comfortably in apartments without AC, of which I've lived in many.

    tall black tower fan

    7. A spherical ice tray, because throwing ice into every drink is an absolute necessity, but somehow using cool, fancy ice makes the drinks taste all the frostier.

    grey silicone spherical ice tray with a lid that can make four ice balls

    8. A ribbed tank top with a trendy high neck that'll 100% become your go-to top for pairing with wide-legged pants, denim shorts, and fun skirts.

    A model wears the tan tanktop with black and white drawstring pants

    9. A light support dual-strap sports bra made of moisture-wicking material to draw sweat away from your body so you can stay comfortable. Getting a few of these to replace your regular bras? Sounds like a plan to me.

    10. A jumbo hair claw in a cool stained glass-style pattern so you can sweep your hair up in seconds and get some relief from the pooling neck sweat you get when you wear it down.

    black large hair claw with subtle multicolored swirls on a model's hair

    11. A cooling eye treatment that also comes with *drummroll...* cooling ice globes! This tool will feel be such a treat for your face, especially after glorious days spent at the beach or pool.

    12. A Sodastream sparkling water maker so you can literally have a seltzer in your hand at a moment's notice. A necessity when warding off humidity.

    The sodastream making sparkling water

    13. A woven cross-back dress that's the ideal sweat-fighting summer 'fit in one adorable garment. Just throw it on, enjoy the breeze, and get on with your day!

    14. A water-gel moisturizer for a nightly boost of moisture that has a lovely cooling effect to boot. Gel moisturizers are 100% where it's at when it comes to warm weather skincare.

    three jars of the moisturizer

    15. A pair of cute woven mules if you're in need of some shoes that allow your feet to stay cool and dry while maintaining a sleek and put-together look. Summer work shoes? Check.

    light beige woven mules

    16. Or a pair of double strap sandals with a contoured footbed so you have a more casual pair of open-toe shoes to side on for sunny walks.

    light blue dual strap sandals with tan footbed

    17. A woven tennis skirt you'll be happy to have on-hand during the year's hottest days. Pair it with a crop top, some sandals, and your favorite sunnies, and go forth in coolness and comfort.

    model wearing the white pleated tennis skirt

    18. A beer can holder that easily attaches to your shower's smooth wall, making reaching for a refreshing shower beer or seltzer all the easier. Listen, warm showers in the summer can feel gross and a cool bev is a great solution!

    Model drinking a canned beverage in the shower with the can holder adhered to the tile wall behind them

    19. A moisture-wicking high-neck workout crop top to help you stay as dry as possible during daytime jogs, hikes, and other outdoor sports.

    20. And finally a cute floral sprinkler toy so kids of all ages (aka you and all of your friends) can play in the yard like in the good ol' days.

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