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    25 Awesome Subscription Boxes You'll Probably Never Ever Want To Cancel

    No better feeling than knowing there are monthly goodies heading your way.

    1. Dia & Co curates a box of fashionable plus-size clothing items and accessories based on your style preferences. Any specific kinds of items you've been hoping to find for a while? Your wish is Dia & Co's demand.

    Flatlay of a floral top, tan denim pants, wedge sandals, straw hat, gold hoop earrings, and a  small red purse.

    2. Billie ~cuts~ your razor costs by delivering four cartridges at a time for only $9! Your first kit also comes with a chic handle and any extras you may need, majorly cutting down your list of things you need to remember to get at the store.

    Hands holding a "Billie" box with a periwinkle razor peeking out

    3. Booklandia builds your child's library with either Spanish or bilingual books — your choice! With board book, picture book, and chapter book options, your little one can look forward to their monthly read for years to come.

    4. Comma Vintage leaves rifling through mounds of vintage finds to the professionals so all you have to do is enjoy the hand-selected goods they send you. You'll always look forward to your next ~groovy~ box of clothing, accessories, and even little trinkets.

    Flatlay with a comma vintage box, vintage ringer tee, plaid flannel, and red bandana.

    5. FaceTory helps you get your glow on by sending you a variety of K-beauty sheet masks to try out. Go ahead and pencil "face mask" into your schedule every Sunday night from now into eternity.

    Flatlay with Facetory packaging, instructions sheet, and four face masks.

    6. Book of the Month expands your ever-growing book collection by sending you new titles to enjoy. You get to pick from one of five selected new releases, which feels like getting a book based on your BFF's glowing recommendation. Time to invest in a new bookshelf!

    Hand holding book of the month box.

    7. Birchbox Beauty box transforms your bathroom counter into a makeup store where you get to sample luxury beauty and hair products. Everything included is based on your personal style, so no bright blue eyeshadow if that's not your jam.

    A blue floral Birchbox box with five samples peeking out from it, including a lipgloss and several skincare products.

    8. And Birchbox Grooming brings more masculine products to the forefront, offering goods like shave cream, hand lotion, and high-end deodorant. This box is marketed to "men," but gender is a lie, so go ahead and get this if it SPEAKS to you!

    A  "Birchbox Man" box flatlay with Harry's shaving cream and a razor, deodorant, hair cream, Jack Black hand cream, and lip balm

    9. KnitCrate caters to your ~old soul~ by way of premium, hand-dyed yarn and exciting knitting and crochet patterns. Yes I'm a millennial, yes I think yarn is super exciting — we exist!

    Teal "Knitcrate" box surrounded by three colorful skeins of yarn, a knitting project and a crochet project.

    10. Atlas Coffee Club gathers delicious coffee from all around the world and brings it right to you and your mug. Wake up and smell the coffee every day for forever.

    A cup of black coffee in a white cup and saucer surrounded by eight colorful bags of coffee.

    11. Quip quells the notion that toothbrushing is boring by bringing you a beautiful electric toothbrush and replacement heads *right* when you'll need them. Your toothbrush will never get gnarly again.

    four metallic quip toothbrushes stuck to a mirror in their holders

    12. The Spiritú Box showcases Latina artisans in their seasonal boxes of beauty, lifestyle, and artisanal products. The box itself is also designed by different Latina artists — I'd frame it if I were you!

    13. Sock Fancy adds a little pep to your step by making your sock collection a bit more jazzy. No matter how bold you want to go, all of Sock Fancy's picks are top-notch and will definitely set your ankles apart at the office.

    14. Piquant Post takes your cooking up a notch with fun spice packs and recipes to use them with. Your tired lemon pepper grinder can retire. There's a new spice boi in town.

    three recipe cards and bags of ras el hanout, chermoula, and harissa powdered spices

    15. Loot Crate's Wizarding World box brings Diagon Alley to YOU by sending select Harry Potter collectibles to your door. Be sure to wait by the window for it just in case it's delivered by owl.

    16. Meundies takes cuteness to a whole new level by sending you matching pairs of underwear for you and your partner every month. Bumming around on Sundays just got even more adorable.

    two pairs of matching underwear in longer and shorter styles touching butts

    17. Cairn ensures that your camping and outdoor experiences are top-notch by sending you gear either monthly or quarterly. From warm apparel to trail snacks to first-aid kits, you'll be set with both necessities and little extras that will make life on the trail even better.

    18. Winc asks you questions about your taste preferences and send you at least four bottles of wine based on your palette (ooo la la!). Enjoy unique, quality wine, and learn about your faves on the fun info cards that come with your order. Yeah, let's keep the wine shipments flowing for give or take infinity months.

    a "winc" box on a doorstep with two bottles of red wine, one bottle of rosé, and one bottle of white wine

    19. Lola eases your period pain, both figuratively and literally, by bringing pads, tampons, sex products, and more to you every month. Now you'll always be prepared when you feel that first cramp.

    a variety of pads, tampons, lube, condoms, and wipes on a white surface

    20. Stitch Fix sets you up with a personal stylist who hand-selects clothing and accessories based on your taste. Try everything on at home and only keep the items that ~speak to you~.

    flatlay with an orange hoodie, striped tee, jeans, and white sneakers.

    21. PETure Perfect radiates cuteness and sends you items featuring hand-drawn art of your pets! I literally can't imagine anything more adorable or deeply necessary.

    22. FabFitFun lets you choose from a selection of high-end beauty and lifestyle products so you can have a box curated by the person who knows you best: yourself.

    fab fit fun box filled with a towel, sunscreen, a facial scrubber, and other obscured goodies

    23. Home Chef serves nutritious meals and (most importantly) choices! Pick from 26 meals each week, and get cooking. These meals only take about 30 minutes to make, so start planning your menu *and* your after-dinner plans now!

    a hand squeezing a wedge of lime onto three tacos on a plate

    24. Wantable beefs up your regular closet *and* fitness wardrobe by having stylists hand-select apparel based on a quiz and personal style notes from you. Good luck choosing between the fashion and fitness edits!

    25. BootayBag understands that underwear can be both pretty and practical. Hey, we all have to wear it (debatable), so might as well make it cute!

    a pair of pink underwear and a pair of green underwear with black lace trim laid out on white fabric

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