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    26 Storage Options That Aren't Completely Hideous

    Note to self: You don't have to sacrifice aesthetic for practicality

    1. A Murphy desk for anyone with a huge amount of work to do and a teeny tiny amount of space to do it in. When you're done toiling, simply close the desk into a cute hanging blackboard.

    2. A coiled rope basket so cute your blankets are going to be fighting for a coveted space in it. Calm down guys, there's room for everyone!

    3. A wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser to give your typical plastic tornado an orderly system and turns "Ugh, messy," into "Ooo, shiny."

    4. A magnetic kitchen organization rack so you can clear off your counters and give your MVP spices, tools, and towels a place of honor. Surprise! Your fridge has been a storage solution this whole time.

    5. A collapsible laundry hamper with two compartments, so you can *actually* start separating your light and dark garments like you've been meaning to for years.

    6. A leaning ladder that's a definite ~step up~ from whatever shelf you're hanging onto from your first apartment.

    7. An end table with storage drawers to finally get all of your odds and ends off of the coffee table. Now you can tuck your precious books and blankets into their little beds and let them rest.

    8. A set of three collapsable bins for any of your belongings that just don't have a home yet. When you're done using them — *BAM* — they collapse, basically storing themselves. So meta.

    9. A queen-sized bed outfitted with a hydraulic system that easily lifts up to reveal an oasis of hidden storage space. Perfect for off-season clothes, linens, and ~valuables~, it has enough storage area to basically be considered a second closet.

    10. A modular makeup organizer, because your cosmetics — your babies! — should be the crown jewel of your bathroom counter. Just stand there and admire the goods for hours. It'll never get old.

    11. A handmade wooden record holder that's a huge upgrade from the cardboard box you've been lugging your vinyl around in all these years.

    12. An entryway storage station with a bench, hooks, and — most adorably — individual shoe cubbies to keep your threshold nice and tidy.

    13. A set of floating shelves that turns books (the most beautiful things of all!) into storage units in and of themselves.

    14. A changing table runner and organizer so you always know exactly where your baby essentials are. You've done the "manage a crying baby with one arm and rifle around for wipes with the other" thing before, and there's definitely a better way.

    15. A geometric wine rack for a modern twist on storing all of your vintage bottles.

    16. A coat tree with shelves to give you more unique storage opportunities than a traditional coat rack. Outerwear, hats, books, baskets, and other eccentricities can all can hang out here!

    17. A sturdy, stylish wooden chest that automatically makes anything you put inside it Certified Treasure.

    18. A modern umbrella holder so you don't put a ~damper~ on all the time you spent on your interior design.

    19. A ceramic jewelry dish to give your dresser top some much-needed organization and a simple, pretty touch.

    20. An over-the-toilet bathroom cabinet so you can keep cleaning supplies, spare toilet paper, tampons, bath products — ya know, bathroom stuff — away from the chaos of under the sink.

    21. A tufted ottoman for hiding clutter, creating more storage space, and giving your bedroom a nice grown-up touch.

    22. A hanging cocktail bar so even the smallest studios can have a full bar without it taking up 100% of the kitchen.

    23. A spice drawer organizer to keep those zesty boys in line. Never again will you have to rummage through your cabinet blindly for cumin!

    24. An adorable elephant laundry hamper that might actually get your child to straighten up their room. Who wouldn't want to spend as much time as possible with this little guy?

    25. A blush desk organization kit to add a cheeriness to your desk that a basic wire organizer could only dream of.

    26. A handsome closet system, because we're not all blessed with a spacious closet. This will allow you to finally give your clothes a space of their own and show off some of your cutest pieces.

    All of your belongings, safely tucked away where they belong:

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