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    18 Sex Toys For Anyone Looking To Try Something New

    One of each, please.

    1. A Shibari Mini Halo so strong and so powerful, it's basically a rocket ship headed straight for Planet O. NASA, take notes.

    2. A Sona 2 Cruise clit massager that uses ~sonic waves~ to TAKE YOU THERE without making direct contact. Where can I direct my strongly worded letter about this ingenious invention not getting a Nobel Prize?

    3. The Satisfyer 2 whose sole purpose in life is to give you multiple orgasms. It's also fully functional underwater in case your ultimate fantasy is to get eaten out by a mermaid.

    4. A uniquely shaped Pixie that'll hug your clit like an old friend. After all, the best lovers are often friends first!

    5. A bullet vibe so small, there's no reason not to bring it with you everywhere until the end of time.

    6. A vibrating cock ring that'll turn any humdrum penis into a Super Penis. Get that dick a cape, it's in the Avengers now.

    7. An Ora 3 oral sex simulator for anyone who'd rather get eaten out than do...well...anything else at all. While away the hours, days, weeks with the Ora and its tongue-like, rotating motions and vibration patterns. TL;DR it's a cunnilingus robot.

    8. A tried and true cordless Hitachi Magic Wand whose merits have been lauded for so long, I'm shocked it doesn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    9. A pair of strap-on harness briefs that are sturdy enough for uhhh rigorous movement but comfy enough to accidentally fall right asleep in after.

    10. A Dame Fin finger vibe so you can reaaally put your finger on what gives you the most pleasure.

    11. A wearable, dual motor G spot vibrator with a remote control to ~turn you on~ in a few different ways if ya know what I mean.

    12. An Ina Wave whose signature "come hither" motion we've all read about in Cosmo so much + the strong external vibe = O's for days. That's just math.

    13. An Unbound Squish with customizable vibration patterns and an intensity level that rises the harder you squeeze. The stress ball you didn't know you needed.

    14. A super powerful and deliciously squishy vibrator whose flexible head is perfect for comfortable solo or partnered use. Weekend plans? Cancelled. Life? Changed.

    15. A rounded Alia vibrator with a slightly pointed tip that can nestle its way into juuust the right spot and wider edges that cover a wide swath of goodness for a far-reaching, deeper sensation. Not to mention it's so chic-looking you'll wish you could slip it on and wear it as a bracelet.

    16. A Dame Kip β€” a small and easy-to-grip vibe with fluttering tip you'll just want to smoosh against every part of your body. *boop*

    17. A set of Ohnuts β€” stretching, stacking rings that help alleviate pain from penetrative sex by creating a bit of a buffer that's comfy and pleasurable for both partners. They're small, squishy, and can help you get help keep sex comfy for everyone the whole night through.

    18. A double-ended stainless steel G-spot dildo that's pretty much a one way ticket to Squirt City, USA.

    You trying to decide which new toy to use first:

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