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    21 Products That'll Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Even More

    Items to help you garden, play, relax, and simply enjoy your outdoor space.

    1. A vertical planter that'll let you grow a veritable bounty of greenery, herbs, and flowers — even if your outdoor space is limited.

    2. A set of cement wall planters to adorn the outside of your home with a touch of greenery, making it more — well — homey.

    medium and small half circle cement planters on a wall

    3. A backyard soccer net for impromptu matches where you don't have to argue about what *actually* counts as a goal.

    small soccer net in yard

    4. A raised garden bed so you can cultivate your very own plant babies. Totally worth getting a bit dirty if it means your little seedlings thrive!

    two brown square garden beds side by side full of seedlings and mulch

    5. And a multi-pack of seeds to plant a lively garden full of delicious food! If you haven't grown your own veggies before, I cannot help but recommend it. I grew one good tomato two years ago and am still beaming with pride.

    6. String lights that are a staggering 48 feet long so you can transform your patio space into a private outdoor bistro. Nothing better than hilarious and casually chic promise of dining al fresco.

    backyard patio with stringlights

    7. A cornhole set so you don't have to journey out into the world to play your favorite lawn game. I continue to be mystified that throwing beanbags never ceases to be fun.

    red and blue cornhole boards with red and blue beanbags

    8. A garden and outdoor candle that uses a blend of citronella, cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, and geranium essential oils to keep mosquitos and flying insects at bay.

    amber glass candle jar

    9. An 18-inch charcoal grill, because "grilled" is one of the best genres of food, hands-down.

    10. A three-piece bistro patio set — I can see it now. You, a pal, a charcuterie board, and this pretty set enjoying a perfect evening outdoors.

    two teal folding chairs and matching small round table

    11. A waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker so you can pump up the jams without worrying about harming a dainty little electronic. This thing is ROBUST.

    black and orange boombox-shaped speaker sitting on grill side table

    12. An inflatable lounge chair you inflate just by whipping it in the wind — a sweet, a low-maintenance lounging option for your backyard and beyond.

    reviewer laying in purple inflated chair

    13. A nine-pattern sprinkler that yeah, will water your lawn, but most importantly will be fun as heck to run through to cool off on any hot summer day.

    kids running through small round sprinkler spraying water in all directions

    14. Or an inflatable palm tree sprinkler if you don't even want to pretend that you're doing this for your grass' health and just wanna splash!

    inflatable palm tree with hose attached spraying water out its top

    15. A floral lace solar lantern to give your patio or entranceway that touch of whimsy it needs.

    blue floral round lacy lantern hanging and illuminated

    16. A porch swing bird feeder so adorable it'll turn almost anyone into a casual backyard birdwatcher instantly.

    mini porch swing with birdseed on the seat and a bird sitting on it

    17. An outdoor rug perfect for anyone who wants to turn their yard into a veritable second living room.

    18. A bocce ball set so you can take your housemates on in a classic, relaxing game. Any game you can play outdoors with a frosty drink in one hand is an A+ from me.

    four yellow and four blue bocce balls with one small white ball in grass

    19. A teardrop lounge chair with cushions you'll want to curl up in with a good book any time you have a spare hour.

    teardrop wicker chair with two tan fluffy pillows

    20. A fire pit so you can enjoy relaxing by a warm, mesmerizing fire whenever you please.

    black circular fire fit elevated on legs

    21. An ENO Double Nest hammock so you can chillax between almost any two sturdy surfaces in your outdoor space. Nap time, baby.

    Enjoy spending every second of free time you have outdoors! I know I am. 😎

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