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    18 Products That Have Helped Me Actually Enjoy Time At Home

    Me before getting a new plant in the mail: :( Me after getting a new plant in the mail: :)

    1. A succulent from The Nice Plant, because it's impossible to have too many, and this one even comes in a cute pot — with drainage!

    writer's hand holding small succulent in green pot

    2. A Mr. Coffee drip coffee pot — I've had this guy for over six years, and it quickly brews up cup after steaming cup of coffee just as well as day one. Do I love fancy coffee? Sure. But do I love a simple way to make literally 12 cups of Earth's finest liquid while I am still half asleep even more? Absolutely.

    the writer with a speech bubble saying "i love you" next to the mr coffee saying "I love you, too"

    3. A pair of Glerups felted slippers to keep my tootsies nice and warm all day long. But since they're made of breathable merino wool, they're even great for the summer months if you just want something on your feet indoors. I can't resist a good slipper and these are my fave.

    writer in dark purple shoe-like slippers with tan leather soles

    4. A bidet attachment, because — without giving you too much detail about what my butt's up to — it's really fantastic. It was easy to install and I can tell it'll be easy to uninstall and bring along the next time I move. I wouldn't dream of leaving it ~behind~.

    5. My new skincare staple, Hyper Skin Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, which is packed with 15% vitamin C and vitamin E and works tirelessly to renew rough texture, and lessen hyperpigmentation. Love a good vitamin C serum.

    6. Loose leaf tea from Brooklyn Tea that makes any night spent at home feel a little cozier. I particularly recommend their Vanilla Rooibos and Darjeeling teas. Hmmmm maybe I'll go put on some water for a cup of rooibos right now, that sounds good.

    the writer's two bags of loose leaf tea on a wooden tray with a mug and small saucer of looseleaf darjeeling

    7. A New York Times crossword puzzle book, which is the perfect brainteaser for when my head starts feeling a little mushy. My partner and I even used to do these over FaceTime when we were long-distance, but now we get to happily do them together IRL — a quarantine love success story!

    best of the week crossword book Monday edition with 50 puzzles edited by Will Shortz

    8. A Summersalt French terry sweatsuit, which I wore pretty much every day during the cool beginning months of quarantine and have started donning daily again now that it's getting colder. 🙃It's wildly soft and makes me feel stylish despite it all.

    model in light blue joggers and matching diagonally colorblocked blue and white sweater top

    9. Ritual Tequila Alternative and Monday Zero Alcohol Gin so I can have a tasty mixed drink at the end of the day even though I don't drink! I highly recommend these for nondrinkers who still love the herbaceous qualities of spirits and to *cheers* with loved ones.

    the writer's bottles of non-alcoholic tequila and gin next to a mocktail

    10. A subscription to Book of the Month so I always have a bestseller to look forward to. Their book selections are awesome and I breathlessly anticipate the day they drop, as opposed to dreading the passage of time like usual.

    five of book of the month's book choices

    11. An exercise bike that really gets my blood pumping! After being on the couch for months on end, I'm grateful for every drop of sweat I've produced since getting this glorious machine. And because I also greatly miss exercise classes, I also got the Peloton App!

    the writer on a black and red stationary bike

    12. A Blueland Clean Essentials kit, which made it super-duper easy to get all of the cleaning products I needed in one place — and they're eco-friendly to boot! They clean really well, smell great, and I'm happy I won't have to repurchase bottles, just the cleaning tablets.

    13. A French butter crock so I always have fresh, softened butter on-hand and gorgeous piece of pottery to casually display.

    writer holding the full lid of the white speckled butter crock next to the base

    14. A cozy Chappy Wrap blanket made of a cotton blend that's nice and warm but also super breathable. Like a tiny baby, I feel the need to be under a blanket basically at all times, and this is my favorite. I got it in the summer and it was not at all too warm, but now that temperatures are dropping, it's so toasty. A magic blanket?

    15. A Nalgene bottle that literally sits next to me at all times. Nalgenes are my Platonic ideal of water bottle: light, huge, simple, and able to be sealed super tightly. I especially love the narrow-mouth ones — they're just easier to drink from, imo.

    the writer with a speech bubble saying "you're the best, nalgene" holding a purple nalgene that's saying "thanks you're pretty cool too" back

    16. A tube of Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, because winter is on its way, which means dry air, which means chapped lips, which means misery. I used to get chapped lips ALL the time, but since I started using this every night, I don't think I've gotten them once.

    three squeeze tubes of lip balm

    17. A bright new area rug, because I suddenly require every room to have a cheery, vibrant accent piece. I recently got this rug and it helped make a previously sad room into a nice little space I actually enjoy spending time in!

    blue, great, pink and yellow floral and geometric patterned rug

    18. Versed Keep the Peace Cleanser — an effective, everyday cleanser that calms acne without drying your skin or stripping your natural oils, making it perfect for twice-daily use. Pretty much as soon as I started using it is became my favorite cleanser, and the only one to make a real dent in the hormonal breakouts I used to sit around all day and pick at.

    model squeezing tube of blue cleanser

    Yup, just another season of relying on my emotional bond with inanimate objects to get me though the day!

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