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    Just 23 Products I Love So Much I Should Probably Just Marry Them

    "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?" Ummmm don't mind if I do.

    1. A John Frida Hot Air Brush for getting gorgeous blowouts in a snap and in the comfort of your own home. Settling down with a hairdresser? Everyone's dream.

    2. A Cardamom Milk Otherland Candle — a ~sweetheart~ for anyone who wants to enjoy a sweet, homey scent that's NOT pumpkin spice or apple pie, aka me.

    3. I'm Real face masks, whose variety, price point, and awesome quality always have me coming back for more. Choosing between all of the formulas is the closest I'll ever come to being The Bachelorette.

    4. A Porter Bowl that is happy to carry my lunch for me allll morning, which is a generous favor I greatly appreciate.

    5. A soft headband for holding your hair back while you wash your face and apply your products. True love is holding someone's hair while they're doing their skincare routine, throwing up, or just because it's too hot!

    6. Smartwool socks that I'll happily literally step all over but would never figuratively step all over when making important decisions in our long, happy marriage.

    7. A BioLite headlamp that's truly the ~light of my life~. Always there to help when I'm caught in the dark.

    8. Ina Garden's most recent cookbook — I guess I'll settle with marrying the cookbook since Ina herself is unfortunately already taken by Jeffrey. *Shakes fist and scowls* Jeffrey...

    9. Wakey Wakey body wash with an intoxicating scent of rosemary and lemongrass. "Love waking up every day with this one." —a hypothetical Instagram caption of the two of us together.

    10. Ticket to Ride — a board game I love so much and with such a passion, I think my actual partner is starting to get a little jealous. Just LOOK at me forcing my partner and my dad to stay up late playing, as I pull an imaginary train horn. *Choo chooooooooo!!!!!!*

    11. A pair of high-rise stovepipe jeans so soft and comfortable, I'll happily let them have and hold my legs as long as we both shall live.

    12. A CTZN Nudiversal lip duo, because everyone deserves to find their lipstick soulmate. Use their shade matching tool to find your perfect shade out of the 25 available and be in awe of the buttery softness of the lipstick/gloss combo.

    13. A natural deodorant that actually works — I know, an anomaly! But like partners that actually do their dishes, love every one of the same TV shows as you, and don't "play games" when you first start dating, they're rare, but they're out there.

    14. Fluide nail polish in the shade "Rainbow Cactus" — can't wait to wear this nail polish as I walk down the aisle to devote my life to a partnership with this nail polish.

    15. InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum that works hard to provide for our family, and by that I mean reduce sun spots, discoloration, redness, hyper-pigmentation, and dark spots without drying out my skin.

    16. An Outdoor Voices exercise dress with built-in shorts that let you move freely and stay covered while running, dancing, hiking or — I don't know — fake mooning people on the trail. Love a prankster. This dress and I are basically Jim and Pam.

    17. Opal Essence primer by Beautyblender that makes skin glow like only true love usually can. Just look at that opalescent shine!

    18. And Beautyblender's Bounce foundation to go with! This breathable, medium coverage formula with a ~velveteen-matte~ finish is just the best, especially when paired with its soulmate, Opal Essence!

    19. A pair of Suavs — a knitted, sweat-wicking sneaker that's comfortable as heck and accepts me for who I truly am — a sweaty-footed person who also has a distain of socks.

    20. A Nanopresso that whips up some of the most delicious espresso I've ever had at home using just a little bit of hot water and a pump mechanism — no electricity or stovetop required. *Swoon*

    21. A minimalist Larissa Loden necklace, because it's nice to be with someone who really values aesthetics. I can see it now: this necklace and I in 50 years, still holding hands and strolling through the MoMA.

    22. Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant that gently exfoliates while tackling breakouts, fine lines, and large pores. I personally can't get enough of this multitasking product — it's such a huge help with all my skincare chores.

    23. A Quip toothbrush, because there's nothing more quietly romantic than the everyday ritual of getting ready for bed with your person at the end of the day.

    Thanks for indulging me and listening to my every thought about every product! ❤️

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