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    27 Products From Target To Make Daily Life At Home Much More Efficient

    Because every little task doesn't need to be such a big struggle.

    1. A two-tier lazy Susan so you can *actually* reach all of your spiced and condiments without having to get shoulder-deep in the pantry. Always a recipe for disaster.

    the lazy Susan with spices on it

    2. A small desk for those looking for a WFH space upgrade. Most importantly, it's equipped with two outlets and two USB ports, so wrapping your cords up, down, and all around the room is a thing of the past.

    3. A Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker because having a dedicated machine for your favorite form of coffee instead of having to run to the coffee shop (and spend $5 every morning) is almost too good to be true.

    The iced coffee maker in black

    4. A jumbo hair claw in a cool stained glass-style pattern so you can sweep your hair up in seconds and get on with your day.

    black large hair claw with subtle multicolored swirls on a model's hair

    5. A handheld label maker to clearly denote what goes where for yourself and, perhaps most importantly, for anyone else you live with. Extra helpful for anyone with a roommate who seems to view the concept of "personal property" as a gray area.

    6. A KitchenAid stand mixer that's obviously gorgeous, but will also take on any number of baking tasks. This textured green beauty was designed in collaboration with Joanna Gaines, has a ~magical~ 10 speeds, and is ready to be your sous chef at any moment.

    The pebbled hunter green stand mixer on a kitchen counter mixing dough

    7. An electric wine bottle opener because breaking a cork is a huge bummer, as is struggling with a manual opener while everyone watches you.

    long slender electronic wine bottle opener

    8. A makeup organizer with gold accents that's a major step up from keeping your beautiful brushes and products trapped in a sad (and extremely messy) bathroom drawer. Having everything visible yet organized is better for your prized products and yourself.

    the clear acetate organizer with gold trim

    9. Or a wooden modular vanity organizer to give your bathroom counters a cool, finished look. It even has a magnetic strip inside of it so your hair clips will always be at the ready — hopefully, the constant search for bobby pins ends here.

    the wooden organizer with different bathroom essentials in it land clips attached to the magnetic side

    10. A bathtub caddy because keeping your bath soaps, oils, and other spa accessories right in front of you instead of balanced precariously on the tub ledge just looks nicer and is so much handier.

    The wire bathtub caddy in black

    11. A Dyson V8 stick vacuum since becoming an adult means being thrilled you have an easier, cooler way to pick up everyday messes. This cult-fave device is super easy to maneuver and store, really setting it apart from the pack.

    model using the cordless stick vacuum to vacuum crumbs under a high chair

    12. A rolling laundry hamper with three sections for separating dirty clothes and a rack for drying clean ones that can't be run through the machine. My shower curtain rod that's always full of drying clothes would love for me to buy this...

    the rolling cart with three separate cloth hampers below and a bar for hanging laundry above

    13. A pack of adhesive cable clips to stick on your desk, wall, or end table for finally — FINALLY — getting your cords out of that Rat King-esque clump and into working order.

    six grey and mint green triangular clips

    14. An adjustable lap desk so you can go from working in bed practically laying down with your laptop on your stomach to working in bed sitting at a lil' desk. Growth!

    15. A Tile Pro you can attach to anything valuable you don't want to lose. Your keys, wallet, or even cat are now much easier to locate, so no need to brush up on keeping track of things after all.

    the white square tile attached to a keyring

    16. An extendable drying rack that's much better looking than your rusty old wire one and will be more functional in your space, to boot.

    Gray extendable drying rack with dishes on it

    17. A little alarm clock because if you're anything like me, sometimes the phone alarm just doesn't cut it. Or, um, you forget to charge your phone, it dies, and your alarm never goes off. This alarm clock will never let you down like that.

    grey round alarm clock showing the time

    18. A Roomba robot vacuum to effortlessly tidy up your home with just the touch of a button. Listen, we basically live in the future. It's about time you have a robot cleaning for you!

    a black robot vacuum cleaning under the legs of a chair

    19. A wireless printer so you don't have to venture all the way to work, school, or the library just to print something simple. This may sound like a boring purchase, but I have tasted the sweet nectar of having a working printer at home and feel compelled to pass on the lesson to you.

    white printer scanning and printing a photo

    20. A classic Swiffer kit with wet and dry cloths that really needs no introduction. If you haven't tried this little wonder yet, all I can say is you're missing out. It's so easy to reach for the Swiffer to clean up little messes as they come up without having to get a full bucket and mop situation going. Truly, nothing else lives up to the efficiency of a Swiffer.

    swiffer with a wet cloth cleaning a floor

    21. A weekly planner to keep your days organized and to-do list on track. And because it has write-in dates, you can feel free to only use it for months that are truly busy and not let any pages go unused like you might with a normal calendar.

    the weekly planner with a small booklet and folders

    22. A faucet filtration system because your empty filtered pitcher is giving you away! With a filter faucet, it doesn't even matter that you don't use your Brita as often as you should. You have fresh water from the spout now!

    black PUR faucet filter on faucet

    23. A wire utility rack so your cleaning supplies have a more permanent location than just *leaned up against whatever wall you were near when you last swept, ready to fall at any moment.*

    a white wire organizer hung on a wall holding cleaning supplies

    24. A wire storage basket that doubles as a side table — perfect for stowing away kids' toys without wasting space and creating another helpful surface for drinks, snacks, or, you guessed it, more toys.

    black wire basket with handles and a removable wood lid that doubles as a tabletop

    25. A 30-piece kitchen utensil set to ensure you always have *just* the tool you need for any cooking job. From measuring to mixing to flipping, consider all of your kitchen tasks complete.

    all of the tools in their plastic organizer

    26. A welcome station so you're not always misplacing your essentials, and that includes important pieces of mail.

    dark wood station on the wall reading "welcome" with slots for mail and three hooks

    27. A collapsible hanger that'll fit even more clothes into your small closet by hanging them vertically as well as horizontally. Genius!

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