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    39 Products We Absolutely Love That Are Also Super Practical

    All of the most helpful and functional products we have and totally swear by.

    1. A moisture meter so there's no guesswork when it comes to how wet or dry your plant bb's soil is. Knowing the exact right day to water just got a whole lot easier.

    2. A set of colorful cable protectors to stop your chargers and cables from fraying like the dickens. You've had to spend far too much money over the years replacing them — that stops today!

    3. An All-In-One Cleaning Concentrate from Pur Home for anyone out there who wants to simplify their cleaning routine, while staying natural and eco-friendly.

    bottles of the concentrate in lavender, mint, and free and clear scents

    4. A Chom Chom roller that wants nothing more than to replace your sticky paper lint rollers forever. When the fuzz compartment gets full, simply empty it out and keep on rollin'.

    5. A pair of snag-proof opaque tights, because who has endless money to spend on tights after their only pair starts running after one or two wears? Not us!

    buzzfeed shopping editor wearing gray tights with a sweatshirt dress

    6. A microfiber mop and bucket with a built-in wringer, because making mopping easier *and* slightly more whimsical and fun at the same time is a win-win if I ever heard one.

    7. Some CeraVe moisturizer that's taken TikTok by storm this year. A big ol' tub like this is an investment worth making, since according to pretty much everyone you'll want to stock up after it saves your dry skin.

    BuzzFeed writer holding the large tub of moisturizer

    8. A pack of reusable K-Cups so you can reduce the amount of waste you make with single-serve pods, make your own custom coffee blends, and save some money, too!

    reviewer image of k-cups laid out with some coffee inside

    9. A removable brushed nickel Command Hook to make organizing your jewelry, hanging up your towel, or giving your purse a regular hangout spot easy and commitment-free.

    10. Some body butter from Butter by Keba whose nourishing, perfectly scented, shea butter-based formula has single-handedly gotten my skin through a winter in Michigan. Now THAT'S moisture. Just because something's practical doesn't mean it isn't also a luxurious treat for the skin!

    11. Some window screen repair tape so you don't have to replace your entire screen if it gets a lil' rip and your "No bugs allowed!" sign can stay firmly planted outside.

    12. A burr coffee grinder with 40 different grind settings so you can really dial it in for the perfect cup of java. Drip, French press, pour-over...your options for quality joe are endless!

    13. A foam roller perfect for loosening the muscles in your back and legs after a tough workout *or* after a long day of sitting at a desk. Either way you can relieve some tension and, boy oh boy, it's gonna feel good.

    14. A 360 Cookware Sauté Pan and Lid that will sear meat and veggies to perfection and can be used seamlessly between the stovetop and the oven. *chef's kiss*

    saute pan with chicken dish inside

    15. A discreet cord cover to hide the unsightly, hard-to-tame cables coming from your mounted TV. Their peel-and-stick installation is also perfect for the non-DIYers among us.

    16. A pair of Rothy's classic flats that are a cult-fave for their comfort and washability. That's right, you can throw these babies in the washing machine (or hand wash them) to get them looking and smelling their best again!

    natalie in navy fabric round-toe flats

    17. A variety pack of ready-to-eat seasoned beans from A Dozen Cousins so you always have an extremely tasty recipe staple in your pantry, pre-cooked to perfection and ready to enjoy.

    18. A pair of labeled laundry hampers to make *actually* separating your dirty clothes a doable task — your favorite crisp white shirt will stay bright as can be thanks to your (minimal) efforts.

    buzzfeed writer's two cloth laundry hampers with handles and mesh bags inside, one says "Dark" and the other "Light"

    19. A pair of Avre Infinity Glide Sneakers if you want a pair of kicks that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Their knit material is made from recycled water bottles and moves with your feet, and their classic black and white colorway means they'll go with just about everything.

    abby's feet in black and white knit sneakers with a chunky heel and elastic laces

    20. A pair of Ruby Love Period Sleep Shorts so you can get a good night's rest knowing full well you won't wake up to stained sheets yet again — a story many of us know all too well.

    red high-waisted stretchy shorts

    21. A stainless-steel Klean Kanteen water bottle to keep your water ice-cold so you can enjoy it throughout the day — you ARE remembering to drink water, right?

    22. A Bread Beauty Supply Wash-Day Essentials Kit if you want to revamp your entire wash day routine routine with this all-in-one set. Its cleanser, hair mask, hair oil, and silky scrunchie will work in tandem to keep your natural curls healthy as can be.

    two packets of conditioner and shampoo, a glass bottle of oil, and a large white scrunchie

    23. An automatic spice grinder with interchangeable pods so you can grind salt, pepper, and other whole spices on-demand with the press of a button.

    24. A Blueland Clean Essentials eco-friendly cleaning kit which saves you the hassle of having to run out to buy all-new products whenever you run out, saves more plastic bottles from going into landfills, and in the end saves you money since the refill tablets for the entire kit are super affordable. Win, win, win!

    The Clean Essentials kit's cute spray bottles, tablets, and hand soap pump

    25. A deep, uniquely shaped bowl whose tall edge will make scooping up salad and soup veritably spill-proof. It's also super durable, so all my clumsy folks out there, listen up!

    26. A mini wallet emergency kit that's printed with the city skyline of your choice and is full of practically everything you might need in a pinch throughout the day.

    A small white faux leather pouch with a black skyline print surrounded by a mix of travel-sized toiletries and on-the-go essentials

    27. A Mr. Coffee drip coffee pot — I've had this guy for over six years, and it quickly brews up cup after steaming cup of coffee just as well as day one. Do I love fancy coffee? Sure. But do I love a simple way to make literally 12 cups of Earth's finest liquid while I am still half asleep even more? Absolutely.

    the writer with a speech bubble saying "i love you" next to the mr coffee saying "I love you, too"

    28. A humidifier to prevent the air in your home from getting to dry, keeping both your skin and plants happy.

    buzzfeed writer's  humidifier misting the air

    29. An Article Timber sofa made of buttery soft Italian-tanned leather. A couch is a huge investment, and our editor Chelsea swears by this one's comfort, look, and durability.

    30. An easy-to-use pill remover stone that's a more natural and ~chill~ solution to sweater pilling than more intimidating electric shavers. Idk about you, but I don't need one more thing to remember to charge or get batteries for!

    31. A beaded mask chain to make carrying your mask even more second nature than it already is. Masks are simply a part of our lives now — might as well make them fashion!

    the black and gold mask chain attached to a black non-medical mask

    32. A wildly comfortable office chair with superb lumbar support, a heating feature, and even massage settings — I think the only downside of this chair is that you didn't invest in it last year.

    33. A Dr. Brite Electric Sonic Toothbrush so you can shine your pearly whites more effectively than with a traditional brush.

    34. A Dyson hot and cold purifying fan so you can breathe cleaner air all year long and heat or cool your space as the seasons demand. It takes on pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria and pet dander and even connects to an app that gives you info about your air quality.

    Mal's Dyson in her living room. It is oval shaped with a small footprint and plugged into the wall.

    35. A grey six-piece towel set that's plush and quick-drying. The perfect set for anyone looking for a luxe-feeling matching set that doesn't break the bank.

    a folded set of grey blue everplush diamond jacquard towels on a wooden cabinet

    36. A TV mount to make your television a little more aesthetically pleasing and free up a little furniture space since you don't need to set it on anything.

    A reviewer's TV mounted with the tool

    37. An aluminum-free deodorant for anyone who's been looking to make the switch to natural deodorant without sacrificing effectiveness.

    lavender and lemon deodorant in a tube

    38. An EveryPlate meal kit subscription for anyone who wants to resist the siren song of takeout, but still wants making a meal appear before them to be easy peasy. This meal kit has your back!

    A hand drizzling sauce with a spoon onto a rice bowl topped with meat and vegetables

    39. A tube of Supergoop! SPF 30 City Sunscreen Serum that's a triple threat and acts as a sunscreen, moisturizer, and antioxidant-filled serum all in one. Score!

    model applying the product

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