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    33 Pieces Of Clothing From Amazon For Anyone Who Refuses To Be Cold This Winter

    Remember how much being cold sucked last year?

    1. A fleece-lined thermal underwear set to wear under 100% of your outfits until the sun emerges again in May. Might want to get multiple pairs to avoid having to do laundry ALL the time!

    2. A water-resistant puffer coat with a cozy hood so you can really cocoon yourself up and stay dry.

    3. A marled sweater jacket that looks like a wonderful place to climb inside and wait out what will certainly be a long, tedious winter.

    4. A straight up sweatshirt for when you just NEED to throw on something cozy and curl up on the couch bingeing holiday movies.

    5. A plaid poncho to layer over leggings or thermal wear to instantly look like a close (and well-dressed) personal friend of Martha Stewart.

    6. A sweater coat with a fleecy lining for double warmth! Cheers to a fleece and cardi in one.

    7. A skull cardigan that will keep you toasty even if you have a dark, cold heart.

    8. A deliciously squishy and oversized zip-up hoodie so you can cosplay as a polar bear and stay just as warm as one.

    9. A cable knit sweater fit for a fisherman facing a cool sea breeze.

    10. A puffy vest to literally get that winter chill off your back.

    11. A sherpa-lined moto jacket so you don't have to sacrifice warmth when trying to look ~cool~ as heck.

    12. A reliable, flannel-lined Carhartt jacket to keep you toasty whether you're hard at work on the farm or just going for a city stroll. A warmth-giver to all!

    13. And some flannel-lined Carhartt jeans to complete your full Carhartt tuxedo — the comfiest tuxedo in the biz.

    14. A chevron sweater for anyone who loves colorblocking as much as cold-blocking.

    15. A peplum pea coat to add a little vintage ~flair~ to your coat collection.

    16. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings if you want to warm-ify your going out look. You can't flex on your hometown friends during Thanksgiving break if you're shivering.

    17. A ribbed turtleneck perfect for layering or finally deciding to start that revolutionary tech company.

    18. Some outdoor pants with a fleece lining that'll keep your legs happy even as you scale an icy mountain — or, ya know, just shovel the driveway.

    19. A floor-length cardigan, because you deserve to be cloaked in cozy from your head to your toes.

    20. Some sherpa-lined joggers that'll help any actual joggers get through their winter runs.

    21. A long down puffer coat for anyone who never wants to get out of their bed and would like to be enrobed in a comforter forever.

    22. A faux fur coat if your main takeaway from Hustlers was a desire for a big ole' fur to wrap yourself and your friends in.

    23. A Peter Pan–collar coat that's almost too adorable to bear, and will keep you chill-free when the wind is certainly too much to bear.

    24. A half-zip sherpa that's fuzzy to the max! What more could you ask for?

    25. A gloriously oversized poncho cape for anyone who would like to wear a blanket in the name of fashion, and by that I mean everyone in the world.

    26. A zip-up fleece jacket you'll find yourself reaching for basically every day. Little did you know this cuffing season you'd be paired up with a jacket.

    27. A cashmere turtleneck pullover that's the ultimate ~treat yo self~ for the season. Winter is hard, you've absolutely earned it.

    28. A parka to dramatically shield yourself against the harsh winter winds with the greatest hood I have ever beheld.

    29. A chunky knit cardiagn for adding a hip middle layer to your long sleeve tee and coat sandwich.

    30. A fleece-lined drawstring parka if you want to take your winter look in an "Antarctic Explorer" direction.

    31. A long turtleneck sweater for coyly drinking lattes in. Yes, there's a uniform for that and it's this sweater.

    32. A roll-neck sweater in an autumnal hue to keep you snug as a bug in a rug.

    33. A cropped sweater with balloon sleeves big enough to hibernate inside (and layer under).

    How are you gonna feel in all your new warm clothes?

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