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    19 Organization Products Your Kitchen Will Be Thankful You Invested In

    I'm convinced the answer to all of my organization woes is buying seven lazy Susans.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A divided lazy Susan so all the condiments in your usual ~rotation~ are visible and accessible. Go ahead and get one for the table and one for the fridge.

    clear lazy suzan with compartments and high sides full of condiments
    The Container Store

    Promising review: "This lazy Susan has worked wonders in my pantry and cabinets. I can find everything and it turns with no problems at all. Be sure to measure your space before purchasing so you know what size to get. I’ll be buying more!" —FariB

    Get it from The Container Store for $18.99+ (available in two sizes).

    2. A tiered cabinet organizer that basically turns one shelf into three! That precariously high stack of dishes will be much more accessible as multiple, more reasonably sized ones.

    reviewer's plates stacked on their shelf and the two upper tiers of the organizer

    Promising review: "Great space saver and organization tool. This handy tool makes getting dishes in and out of the cabinet a breeze." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    3. Floating wooden shelves for anyone who's been wanting to give their kitchen a modern, minimalist upgrade while still keeping the space warm.


    The shelves come with wooden mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions for hanging.

    Get it from HurdandHoney on Etsy for $40+ (available in two finishes and a wide variety of sizes).

    4. A spice-organizing drawer liner — because we've all been cooking at home so much, it's more annoying than ever to have to root around for paprika during a crucial moment.,

    Promising review: "We just moved into a new home, and I needed a way to store spices in a drawer. This product is exactly what I was looking for. It fits beautifully in my drawer, but I love that the strips can be cut for a custom fit. I shopped around for other in-drawer spice organizers, but I would have had to purchase separate jars and transfer the spices. No thanks. This product works with the jars and containers just as they come from the store — no need to purchase special jars. It holds large and small round jars, square containers, and oversized spices. The quality is outstanding. I'm very happy with my purchase!" —EPD611

    Get a 10-foot roll from Amazon for $16.99.

    5. A bottle rack to proudly display all of your favorite bottles you've collected over the years, which are otherwise surprisingly difficult to find a place for.

    six water bottles stacked two by three in a clear plastic rack

    Promising review: "I love love love this product! I love water bottles and have acquired a ridiculous amount! The whole top of my cupboard was full of a super messy pile of bottles that were always rolling out. My cupboard is so so so much better! The water bottles look great and they don't fall out on me anymore! It is amazing! And I love that it holds so many!" —Hm247

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

    6. A stacked silverware tray that will keep your flatware in place and won't take up your entire drawer. That's precious real estate!

    grey rectangular with four different sections and silverware in each

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these! I bought two for a standard silverware set to fit in my drawer that is 3 inches deep. This way, they are not overloaded. They are compact and look so nice. I had plenty of room for another tray to keep things organized. I recommended to a friend, and she purchased two as well!" —Alexandra Harkins

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors and five sizes).

    7. An airtight ceramic canister to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible. The opaque sides keep its contents out of the sun and the press-down vacuum seal ensures everything is protected, no matter how much or little.

    one large and one small canister with plastic vacuum lid and wood lid to go on top

    Promising review: "Ever since I started grinding coffee beans, I wanted a way to have easy access but not lose freshness. This canister has kept my coffee beans fresh and is easy to open and close. The inner plug makes a nice seal which you can hear as you open or close it. The wood top is a nice touch, too. Excellent product!" —Craig

    Get them from Food52 for $26+ (available in two sizes or in a pack of two).

    8. A handmade ceramic egg tray for anyone who wants their eggies to have a cute spot to nestle. I wish I had this when I had chickens, there were just...loose eggs everywhere?


    Get it from HoneyCreekPottery on Etsy for $35 (available in seven colors).

    9. A wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser to give your eyes a break from looking at that mound of spare bags under the sink you've been staring at frustratedly for the past...forever?,

    Promising review: "What a nifty bag organizer! When I think back on all the time I've spent pressing out the air, flattening, and then folding grocery bags so I could use them later as garbage sacks, it would be worth it to have paid $100+ for this handy bag organizer. Just stuff the bags in the opening until it's full. When you want to remove a bag, simply grab one from the slot on the front and pull. It easily comes out. The brushed stainless-steel is a vision of beauty to behold. Perfection if you are going to mount it in a visible location. I'm not. Mine is going on the inside of the cabinet door under my kitchen sink. Doesn't matter if it's not easily seen. I should be able to look at beauty when I open my cabinet door, too. I highly recommend this item." —Lynne

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97.

    10. A vertical organizer so your pans, lids, cookie sheets, or cutting boards can slide pleasantly into cabinets rather than being in one monolithic stack by default.

    on the left reviewer's cookie sheets and cutting boards in a stack labeled "before" on the right the same cabinet with the items neatly vertical in the organizers

    Promising review: "This product is perfect for its intended use. We just moved and I don’t have vertical cabinet space for things like cookie sheets, cutting boards, and muffin tins. I stacked them in this cupboard but knew I needed something to better organize them. These two racks seem durable and organized the space very well." —ALR

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $14.87 (available in two finishes).

    11. Refrigerator storage bins so you can finally see *everything* you have. No more running to the store for cream when it turns out you already have some hidden wayyyy in the back., Amazon

    The set includes two wide drawers, two narrow drawers, a can dispenser, and an egg drawer.

    Promising review: "The containers are sturdy and work great! Before my fridge looked like a mess you'd find on an episode of Hoarders — now we're ready for a photo shoot with Martha Stewart! Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but truly, I couldn't get a bottle of salad dressing out before without putting three jars of jelly on the counter, knocking over a bottle of ketchup, and stepping on the dog. Now I just open the fridge, pull out the drawer, and take what I need. The dog never even has time to get underfoot!" —hari sharma

    Get them from Amazon for $35.49.

    12. An over-the-door basket to keep cutting boards, plastic wrap, and plastic bags out of the way. That one weird skinny cabinet was just NOT working for you.

    metal over-the-door hanger holding cutting boards and a muffin pan

    Promising review: "This organizer is so useful! I recently moved and ended up with a much smaller kitchen, so I've been doing everything I can to make sure there's a place for everything and no wasted space. Luckily, I have pretty wide cabinets, so this works out perfectly. I have one holding my cutting boards (four standard plastic boards) and another holding my foil, cling wrap, and parchment paper boxes. The organizer is super easy to assemble and it's completely versatile — you can hang it over the cabinet door or attach it to the wall/cabinet door, which means it's great for renters and owners." —Kerry

    Get it from Amazon for $15.47.

    13. A handmade ceramic utensil crock your most-used spatulas, serving spoons, and tongs will be pleased to sit in, waiting to be put to work.

    wooden utensils in a white speckled stoneware crock

    Get it from YurtCeramics on Etsy for $53.

    14. A garlic keeper so you can store your garlic in a dark place that's still exposed to air, helping it stay fresher longer. It's like a lil' nap pod for your favorite flavor-booster.

    small white ceramic jar with lid and holes down the side

    Promising review: "This garlic keeper is perfect. It can hold multiple cloves and keeps the garlic fresh in a cute container. It is perfect for my kitchen re-organization." —Bpaige

    Get it from CB2 for $7.95.

    15. A stemware storage case to keep your most precious glasses safe and sound until a special occasion. As someone who has broken too many of my favorite pieces while just horsing around, I think this is a must.

    The Container Store

    The case holds 12 glasses up to 9.5 inches tall.

    Promising review: "I have used this product to store our family heirloom stemware. The container is durable and sturdy so that the stemware is protected and safe." —Washngton

    Get it from The Container Store for $36.99.

    16. A set of three measuring beakers with lids that are perfect for measuring, pouring, and *especially* storing and reheating everything from soups to sauces. They're heat-safe up to 400 degrees in the oven or microwave, as well as dishwasher-safe.

    three different size plastic measuring cups with spouts and blue lids

    Promising review: "I use these in many ways! I make Paleo waffle mix and store it in the fridge. It seals nicely and I haven’t had them leak. Nice for making matcha or any other drinks and the measurements are right there. Space-saving since I use for measuring, storing and then they all fit together nicely! Easy to clean and just plain handy around the kitchen!" —jaana

    Get them from Food52 for $34.99.

    17. A set of colorful enameled stainless-steel tins with airtight lids that can store anything you can imagine in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

    yellow, pink, blue, and green rectangular tins with lids in a darker color with dry pasta in one
    MoMA Design Store

    Promising review: "These are highly functional, but the best part is how gorgeous all four colors look lined up in a row. I appreciate the aesthetic of elevating everyday basics into something pretty." —Jocelyn

    Get a set of four from the MoMA Design Store for $36 (also sold individually for $10 each).

    18. A set of two wood-top shelf risers with steel rungs and a wood top so you can make the most of your shelf space. Do you know what that means? You get to buy even *more* novelty coffee mugs.

    a shelf riser in a cabinet with plates underneath and glasses on top
    Open Spaces

    Promising review: "These are wonderful. I was able to reduce clutter and expand our workable counter space in a tiny NYC kitchen with one of these. The other I'm planning to use on our desk to straighten it up. They have a great design and are a well-made product." —Laurel T.

    Get them from Open Spaces for $54.

    19. A vacuum sealing system for marinating and keeping anything in your kitchen both fresh *and* neat. This kit comes with both vacuum bags and glass containers so you can seal to your heart's content.

    hand vacuum sealing marinated steak in a bag, as well as the rest of the set

    The kit comes with the vacuum sealer and charging cable, one medium glass container, one large glass container, two small storage bags, and two medium storage bags.

    Promising review: "As I try to reduce single-use plastics in my home, I needed something to replace my FoodSaver, and I was excited to see this product. I was skeptical, but after a couple of weeks during which I've used it multiple times, I'm definitely a fan. The vacuum sealer is quiet and compact, and the containers seem to be of high quality and they will last a long time. I also purchased the additional bags, and I'm happy I did. I highly recommend this!" —Kristie

    Get it from Food52 for $99.

    You every time you open your cabinets and see they're perfectly organized:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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