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    20 Little Gifts For Yourself From Bespoke Post That Will Probably Get A Ton Of Use

    Home goods, outdoor gear, and other little treats from the person you love getting presents from the most — you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A travel set of bar tools so you can craft the perfect cocktail anywhere you roam, much to the delight of your travel buds.

    the bar tools tucked into their respective sections of the open canvas roll

    2. A self-watering planter for anyone out there who loves plants but has sadly let many perish under their watch. It's OK to ask for help in the form of this ceramic pot with an irrigation insert.

    plant ina. white ceramic round planter with a narrow watering base

    3. A Jamaican hot sauce sampler pack by Scotch Boyz if any meal without a kick just bums you out. Now you can light up your taste buds three times over.

    the three bottles of hot sauce

    4. An on-the-go hammock that comes with ropes and carabiners for attaching it between virtually any two fixed points, turning anywhere with a few trees into your new favorite nap spot.

    5. A rechargeable electric Zippo candle lighter with a flexible neck so you can reach into even the deepest of candle jars and light it easily with just a little *zap.*

    silver lighter with a flexible neck

    6. A lockable smell-proof sling bag that's equally suited for outdoor adventures or running errands around town. Either way, you'll have all of your essentials in arms reach while being hands-free.

    7. A Polaroid camera that takes the same film photos of yore with a few modern upgrades like a rechargeable battery, double exposure setting, and a nine second timer. I have this camera and have had a blast with it!

    blue and while polaroid camera

    8. A packable Rumpl blanket with a print inspired by your choice of The Grand Canyon (pictured below), Zion National Park, or the Grand Tetons. This will become your favorite anywhere, anytime outdoor blanket while it reminds you of your favorite views — even if you're just using it to picnic in your backyard.

    a model wrapped in the blanket at the Grand Canyon

    9. A refillable spray hand sanitizer that's much more aesthetically pleasing than that squeeze bottle of sticky gel you've been rocking for the past two years. Both do the job, but if you're looking for a silver lining to sanitizing, getting a nice-looking bottle could do the trick.

    model pouring a sanitizer refill from a bag into a square sage green pocket-sized spray bottle

    10. An insulated dry bag and cooler, because two of the greatest things in life are being outdoors and enjoying a frosty beverage. Doing those things together? Well that's heaven.

    two people sitting on a dock by a lake pulling cans out of the blue bag

    11. A minimalist analog alarm clock that'll help you start the day without immediately reaching for your phone, just like the good ol' days.

    black minimalist analog alarm clock

    12. A rad cold brew maker with a glass body that looks like it belongs in a science lab which is dedicated to making the most delicious bean juice possible.

    glass erlenmeyer flask shaped cold brew pitcher with a silver filter

    13. A Biolite 330 headlamp that's rechargeable so you can leave the AA batteries at home on your next adventure. I personally swear by this headlamp. It's low-profile and comfortable, holds a charge for a super long time, and has just the right amount of settings, including a red light. Couldn't love it more.

    14. A dropper of Krio River No. 2 face oil for adding a healthy dose of hydration to your skin on mornings when your face is feeling particularly dry. It also has the added benefit of a light sage and lavender scent.

    small dropper of face oil

    15. A "string of bananas" succulent that's easy to care for and a joy to behold. Just look at all those fun little pea-shaped leaves!

    the potted succulent with long tendrils of sugar snap pea shaped leaves

    16. A pair of vintage-inspired sunglasses with polarized lenses to keep your eyes feeling nice and relaxed while you're lookin' cool.

    17. An adorable stoneware moon mug, because we have the data: drinking out of a mug you love makes even the best warm beverage somehow taste even better.

    stoneware barrel-shaped mug with a black speckled glaze and an unglazed crescent moon pattern

    18. A MagLink wireless phone charger that will pair with any compatible iPhone and provide it with perfectly aligned charging without plugging it in. Worried about your phone's case? This charger even works through cases up to 2-millimeters thick.

    19. A sampler set of Kolossos honey that features four varieties all hailing from Crete. Each honey has its own unique flavor profile that you'll have a blast tasting and testing on everything from tea to biscuits to a simple spoonful.

    four small glass bottles of honey

    20. A pocket notebook that's ruled and unobtrusively pre-bulleted so you can use it for daily to-do lists or just regular note-taking and journaling — it's up to you! What's more, is it comes in a set of three!

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