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Let This Chef Build You Your Perfect Bowl Of Ramen

True Life: I Died of Happiness in a Virtual Restaurant

Have you ever dreamed about building your perfect bowl of ramen? One so delectable and suited to your every desire it brings a tear to the eye?

Well, that dream has come TRUE! Simply click play on the interactive video below to begin your journey to noodle nirvana. It's full of tough choices (HOW do you pick between tonkotsu shoyu and miso dashi broth?!), but it's well worth it.


"It has so much umami, you will say 'ooo, mommy!'" is a real thing that's said in this video, so literally what are you waiting for?

Get to playing, have fun, and enjoy every moment you share with the spirited Chef Junnoske Tsutsumishita, aka, Bob.

I selected thin noodles in tonkotsu broth with chashu pork belly and seasoned egg. Brb, crying.

Are we noodle twins?! Let us know what you selected in the comments below!