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    31 Problem-Solving Products From Target That Don't Cost A Lot, But Will Be Used All The Time

    Nothing a pretty desk organizer, iced coffee maker, and dog paw wipes can't solve.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Post-it perpetual calendar to keep your days organized and to-do list on track. And because it has write-in dates, you can feel free to only use it for months that are truly busy and not let any pages go unused like you might with a normal calendar.

    model writing on a white monthly calendar

    2. A cool mist humidifier so you don't dry out too much in the winter when your radiator is doing its best to suck every ounce of moisture from your skin.

    small humidifier on a bedside table

    3. A bottle of lavender-scented Alaffia Everyday Shea lotion to keep your skin nice and hydrated all season long.

    large bottle of the lotion with a pump top

    4. A pair of super-absorbant Thinx period underwear so you can ditch bulky pads in favor of a wearable leak-free solution.

    model in maroon full-coverage thinx underwear

    5. A little alarm clock, because if you're anything like me, sometimes the phone alarm just doesn't cut it. Or, um, you forget to charge your phone, it dies, and your alarm never goes off. This alarm clock is a sure thing.

    grey round alarm clock showing the time

    6. A slim rolling cart to organize even the littlest corners of your home, whether it's in your home office, bathroom, or the kitchen.

    three tiered slim rolling storage cart

    7. A pack of A Dozen Cousins black beans so you always have a tasty, ready-to-eat side dish on hand. After trying these beans once, it's rare for me to *not* have them in my pantry.

    8. A 30-piece kitchen utensil set to ensure you always have *just* the tool you need for any cooking job. From measuring to mixing to flipping, consider all of your kitchen tasks complete.

    all of the tools in their plastic organizer

    9. A tube of Black Girl Sunscreen whose SPF 30 formula will keep your skin protected from the sun's rays *without* leaving a white cast behind. No excuse not to wear sunscreen every day now!

    buzzfeed editor holding a bottle of the sunscreen

    10. An electric wine bottle opener, because breaking a cork is a huge bummer, and it's a mistake that can be avoided with this handy little gadget.

    long slender electronic wine bottle opener

    11. A Tile Pro to attach to anything you don't want to lose. Your keys, wallet, or even your cat are now much easier to locate. And if you press a button on the Tile, it'll ping your phone, making it easier to find as well! Nifty!

    the white square tile attached to a keyring

    12. A super-soft fleece jacket so you always have the perfect mid-weight jacket to throw on under your coat or when it's chilly in the house. Having one go-to fuzzy layer you really love is just *sigh* so wonderful.

    model in an orange fleece jacket with snap closure

    13. An acrylic desktop organizer to finally clear a little space and add some visual interest to the workspace you cobbled together last year.

    a round acrylic organizer with four sections and a gold bar in the middle

    14. A wire utility rack so your cleaning supplies have a more permanent location than *leaned up against whatever wall you were near when you last swept*.

    a white wire organizer hung on a wall holding cleaning supplies

    15. An expanding bamboo spice rack to elegantly store your most-used spices either on your counter or in your pantry.

    an expandable, three-tier bamboo spice organizer

    16. A handheld label maker for anyone who wants to take their organization to the next level. Extra helpful for anyone with a roommate who seems to view personal property in the apartment as a gray area.

    17. A wood polish and shine spray to get your wood furniture and surfaces looking good as new again. You know you're not gentle on your furniture, so it will really appreciate this product.

    model cleaning a wood surface with the spray

    18. A Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker so you can save some money by skipping the coffee shop and still enjoy your favorite iced bean juice every morning.

    The iced coffee maker in black

    19. A pack of dog-grooming wipes made with coconut and aloe vera to clean your puppy's paws off when they get in from a particularly muddy walk or romp in the yard.

    resealable package of the dog wipes

    20. A welcome station so you're not always misplacing your essentials, and that includes important pieces of mail.

    dark wood station on the wall reading "welcome" with slots for mail and three hooks

    21. An airtight cereal dispenser for keeping your favorite morning treat as fresh as the day its bag was opened, even if it takes you a while to get through.

    model pouring cereal from the tall, slender container with a pop lid

    22. A classic Swiffer kit with wet and dry cloths, because if you haven't tried this little wonder yet, don't wait another minute. I'll be the first to admit I'd be living in filth if it weren't for my Swiffer — give it a try!

    swiffer with a wet cloth cleaning a floor

    23. A patterned doormat for you to wipe your feet on to prevent dirt and messes from even entering your house to begin with. "The best offense is a good defense" also applies to cleaning, it seems.

    brown doormat with a black linear pettern

    24. A storage ottoman so your blankets, video games, magazines, and other spare living room items finally have a nice place to live and you can put your feet up, too. Win-win.

    black ottoman with a storage lid and things resting on top of it

    25. A three-tier closet organizer that'll be perfect for anyone that could use a little more drawer space. It's sweater season, and you need to access them at a moment's notice!

    soft hanging organizer with a drawer in the top section and two cubbies below

    26. A pair of drawer dividers so your your socks, underwear, and bras can finally have their own space and be easier to find.

    a drawer divided into three sections with the two expandable organizers

    27. A handy-dandy Nalgene water bottle for toting around anywhere and everywhere. This lightweight, super-strong bottle is drop resistant and easy to clean — a perfect everyday bottle.

    see-through blue 32oz nalgene bottle with a screw-top lid

    28. A collapsable hanger so you can fit even more clothes into your closet by hanging them vertically as well as horizontally. Genius!

    29. A two-tier lazy Susan for making your favorite condiments, spices, oils, and other pantry items easier to access. No more reaching shoulder deep into a messy pantry just to find chili oil? Heck yeah.

    The two-tier turntable in white

    30. A wire basket to use as an easy-breezy storage solution in your bedroom or living room. Finding attractive storage is hard, so my advice is to take advantage of finding this pretty one.

    black wire basket with copper handles and blanket in it

    31. A classic zippered backpack so you can tote around all of your belongings in style and hands-free. As much as I love a tote bag, they can kinda hurt your back — a backpack is a nice change if you haven't owned one in a while.

    black zippered backpack with a front picket and two size pockets

    You to your problems after spending a little $$ on these products:

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